Milan Import and Export - ONLINE Training FEB 8 2018

Explore the Milan Admin Import and Export toolbox. Learn about the rich set of tools to easily move data in and out of iManage Work document repositories.

11:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. (EST)  – Click HERE to register

When new lateral professionals arrive at law firms or clients transfer engagements, law firms must be able to quickly import associated documents and email. The legal data, however, needs to be mapped to the standards for folder naming and metadata. The data will arrive in a variety of formats, such as loose files with a mapping (CSV) file containing metadata to a directory structure with information embedded in the file name.

Milan Admin Import automates import processes for documents and email, including migrating content from legacy document management systems, lateral hires, file transfers, and ad-hoc content supplied by clients and others associated with engagements. All admin import processes occur server-side so no system resources are tied up, and once the import is completed and validated, the program automatically deletes the source email and documents. All email metadata is extracted from MSG files.

Typically, clients own their matter files, and firms need to be prepared to transfer those files if clients change representation or when clients simply request copies. This can be a labor-intensive process in iManage; worse, it normally requires super user access, which means that file transfers can’t be performed by records departments or file teams.

When a lawyer leaves to join another firm and the client has requested that content is transferred to another firm, the content needs to be reviewed before it is transferred. Milan makes it really easy for emails – you can quickly remove all internal emails. For the remainder, the Review Center workflow allows a reviewer to review documents, and flag those that should not be transferred in a seamless workflow.

Milan Admin Export enables firm personnel to easily transfer files without being iManage super users. Privileged internal data can be readily excluded from exports – automatically – when paired with Milan Email Processor – and exports are processed in the background, without tying-up a desktop. Upon completion, Milan automatically sends an email notification to the requesting parties, along with links to the exported file.

Import and Export Tools Overview

Desktop Import

  • Desktop Import overview and configuration
  • Import documents from the iManage client
  • Use Advanced import settings
  • Use a CSV with Desktop Import

Desktop PST import

  • Import from a PST file

Admin Import

  • Admin Export: Export Documents, Export Workspaces, Export Review Center, Email Processor, Desktop Export

Admin Import Overview, Configuration Settings and Permissions

Import from the File System Using the Import Center

  • Import with a Default Folder
  • Import without a Default Folder
  • Import using as existing CSV file

Bulk Import

  • Import documents to multiple workspaces and folders with security

Excel Add-In

  • Create an import CSV by using the Excel Add-In and submit an import
  • Modify a pre-existing CSV by using the Excel Add-In, retain versions, and submit an import

Delta Importer

  • Review Delta Importer
  • Trainer Presentation: Delta Importer

Admin Export

Overview, Configuration Settings and Permissions

  • Email Processor Overview
  • Review Email Processor
  • Trainer Presentation: Email Processor

Export Workspaces

  • Export workspaces with exclusions and select CSV fields

Review Center

  • Export Workspaces for Review
  • Use the Review Center to review, remove internal content, and approve exports


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