Umbria Client-Centric Management

Price, Budget, Monitor, and Manage matters with a data-first approach

Clients want efficient service delivery and predictable fees. Umbria leverages data to enable firms to price competitively then provides real-time financial information about clients and matters to effectively monitor the delivery of services. No need to burden Finance and IT teams or wait hours, days, or weeks to get actionable BI and MI – data is core to everything Umbria delivers.

  • Real-time interactive dashboards and email alerts
  • See the big picture and drill down into the details to effectively monitor service delivery
  • Make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary write-downs by using real-time KPIs including leverage, margin, realization, utilization, time to invoice, and more

Instant access to all Client-Centric financial information, on every matter

Umbria securely delivers real-time information about clients and matters through intuitive dashboards and automated email alerts. It gives partners the information they need to successfully manage client relationships. Umbria delivers a modern approach to Pricing, Budgeting, Monitoring, and Managing matters.

Monitor matters in real-time

With Umbria, partners have all the essential information they need to monitor their matters and ensure that their colleagues are providing the right effort. This gives partners the ability to make rapid corrections and avoid the need for write-downs.


Reduce write-downs, remain profitable

Excessive write-downs are often due to out-of-scope work not being caught prior to pre-bill. By effectively monitoring matters in real-time, partners can avoid out-of-scope work and effectively eliminate the need for costly write-downs.

Make informed pricing decisions

With integrated processes and role-specific interfaces, Umbria enables finance and pricing teams to help model, approve, and track complex and non-standard fee arrangements.

Focus on matter profitability, not revenue

Dynamic modeling enables metrics-driven fee predictability and greater visibility into the economics of engagements, leading to better decision-making on resourcing to deliver appropriate profit margins.

Umbria BI, Pricing, & Budgeting

Make it easy for lawyers to price, budget, and monitor matters to deliver improved client service and achieve sustainable profitability

Empowering the industry to perform

Manage matters and drive profitability with a data-driven matter management platform

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Umbria Business Intelligence, Pricing & Budgeting

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