Matter Delivery: Umbria

Improve client service with better deliverables, KM profiles, and robust directory

Umbria Experience

Knowledge Management relies on tracking of matters, engagements, and people both internally and externally, yet, firms struggle to collect the relevant information to analyze opportunities and assign resources in a way that maintains profitability. Umbria Experience helps firms create robust profiles, building-out a taxonomy that uses data captured across the matter lifecycle, from industry success, budget data, biographical data, courts, judges, vendors, to specific experience, and more.

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Umbria File

The management of indices and case bundles is critical in litigation and is helped by superior organization of documents and email as defined by professionals who want to put the documents in a specific order. A traditional DMS such as iManage relies on metadata, such as date or description, and requires appending numbers to descriptions or using custom metadata fields – a clunky work-around. Worse, if documents need to be added to the middle of indices after their initial creation, it requires a laborious process of renumbering entire lists, which is error prone and tedious.

Umbria File allows anyone to quickly create more elegant indices: pleadings, depositions, trial, and case bundles; these can easily be associated with a matter. Better yet, Umbria File introduces custom, multi-value metadata capabilities that vastly enhance iManage functionality.

Leverage the capabilities of Umbria File to improve your firm’s deliverables. Click here for more information.

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