Umbria Business Intelligence

Better BI for a changed industry

Modern businesses run on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). As firms evolve to better compete in this new environment, measuring performance using OKRs and other metrics will be key to every department and practice area in the firm. Clients expect efficiency and demand predictability of costs and outcomes. Firms need accurate reporting that helps expand their financial capabilities and make better informed decisions.

Rather than using only financial data to report on the status quo, Umbria enables firms to incorporate data from Experience, Pricing, Profit & Compensation, and other firm databases to gain a richer and more accurate understanding of performance. This more holistic view empowers key stakeholders across the firm to make better decisions based on actionable intelligence.

Configurable Dashboards

Easily configured, firm-driven dashboards with 100+ widgets out-of-the-box

Drag and drop report creation via interconnected filtering of widgets

Widgets can leverage SQL, DAX, and MDX

Robust role-based notification, configuration, and user-specific reporting via email alerts and exports

Expandable querying to match firm-specific needs

30 different types of visualizations

Supports external data sources including iframes

Graphical page designer

Easy Answers

Natural language inquiries via Umbria Answers

Answers questions like: What is my WIP? Who is the Chicago-based expert on environmental law? What's the cost of matter X?

Configurable to match a firm's regular needs

Receive simple answers or reporting to fit the question

Ideal Infrastructure

First-class warehouse and tabular cube stores data at the required granularity

Flexible reporting tools for analysts and non-technical users to build firm-specific reports within the configured limits of security

Enables new metrics and accommodates metadata from source systems

Build ad-hoc reporting for daily analysis or firm-level performance

Import data from key systems with the ability to record, modify, and transform it to meet the modern legal landscape

Incorporates data from other Umbria modules

Immediate Access to Reporting

Panoramic and Granular Views of Firm Financial Performance

Instantaneous, user-friendly access to data and reporting for anyone – without waiting for analysts


Manage and improve promptness of time entry, billing, and collections

Improve marketing with better data for more effective cross-selling and pitching

Empower practice leaders to better manage their departments

Improved expertise grows leaders’ ability to predict outcomes

Improved decision-making based on real-time analytics

Understand service delivery with robust cost allocation

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