Umbria Firm-Centric Management

Manage your firm and make better decisions with real-time intelligence

Umbria’s Core Business Data Engine ensures and integrated approach to firm management. Ensure that the firm takes a consistent and comprehensive view incorporating Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger. Create firm-wide budgets and forecasting. Gain holistic insight into firm profitability and leverage a single data warehouse to incorporate all financial metrics. Umbria simplifies and enhances every aspect of practice management.

  • Display real-time interactive MI and KPIs on individuals, clients, teams, and firm
  • Ensure a “single source of truth” via a powerful data warehouse
  • See the big picture and drill down into the details to understand firm performance
  • Perform firm-wide budgeting and forecasting

The Umbria Core Business Data Engine delivers a holistic view of Firm-Centric Financials

Successful firm management requires the most complete view of financial metrics. Umbria integrates data from across every aspect of firm operations to create the most comprehensive intelligence to empower real-time decision-making.

Intuitive role-based dashboards and reporting

Umbria’s flexible, intuitive, and comprehensive intelligence can help any firm better manage and improve operations. By delivering information through role-based dashboards that leverage data from across functions, Umbria drives better-informed decision-making. No need to rely on time-consuming manual report generation that’s already outdated by the time it’s delivered.


A more integrated view of firm health

Umbria provides a more comprehensive view of firm health by virtue of integrating across processes and workflow. Its deep integrations and incorporation of data from AP, AR, and GL ensure the most accurate performance measurements and KPI computations. It can even deliver its intelligence via traditional cubes to readily integrate with legacy financial systems.

Clearer profitability calculations

Umbria’s modern platform was designed to support various cost and profit allocation methodologies without requiring extensive customization. Rather than requiring extensive re-keying of data, Umbria leverages its unique architecture to calculate performance with unparalleled comprehension of firm financials and prepare clearer forecasting projections.

Truly understand performance

Dynamic modeling and greater visibility into firm economics leads to better decision-making. Calculate based on direct and indirect costs, overhead allocation, and an appropriate cost model that works for each firm’s culture.

Umbria BI

Make it easy for lawyers to monitor matter delivery in real-time to avoid out-of-scope work and eliminate costly write-downs

Empowering the industry to perform

Manage matters and drive profitability with a data-driven matter management platform

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