Business Development: Umbria BD

Opportunity Management and Automated Proposal Generation

Umbria BD delivers a competitive edge.

In this hyper-competitive market, firms must evolve their ability to win new business and cross-sell into existing clients. They need to demonstrate their experience and expertise and maximize revenue potential by tracking opportunities and successfully responding to RFPs.

Manage pipelines and quickly generate winning proposals. Capture and leverage data about clients, prospects, and internal teams. Pitch for, win, and retain more business. Capture more than 200 distinct data points about matters, people, clients, judges, courts, and offices. Make intelligent decisions about where to invest resources and where to compete, and improve pitch success rates.

Umbria BD provides

  • Opportunity Management to track and forecast pipelines
  • Proposal Generation to streamline, reduce costs, and improve results
  • Matter, Client, Lawyer, Staff, Vendor, and Other Profiles to provide actionable metadata and powerful search capabilities
  • Comprehensive Firm Directory with integrated Experience Scoring
  • Integrated workflow for approving budgets, pricing, resourcing, financials, and more, streamlining the bid and proposal process

Umbria BD