What’s New in Umbria 2019

On premises or in the cloud – your choice to make.

Our latest Umbria version enables your firm to have flexible planning, alerting, reporting, & monitoring at all times.

New Version, New Pricing Model, New Options

Available On-Premises or Your Cloud Environment

With Umbria available in both formats, you can deliver client value no matter if you are still on-premises, moving to the cloud, or already in the cloud. Umbria offers the choice for you to make.

Considerably Lower Initial Investment Cost

Have the flexibility to manage all your financial information without the need for additional financial or other costly resources. Allow your firm to drive better performance by focusing on matter profitability.

Quicker Time to Value: Up and Running in Days

With real-time reporting available, Umbria enables firms to quicker meet their numeric target objectives. It accelerates profit efficiency by focusing on the right matter metrics.

New Planning


Single-page unified interface

Unparalleled flexibility in matter planning: plan at phase, sub-phase, n-level, as well as country, department, free text, and beyond

Flexibly map time entry codes and date ranges to phase

Incorporate rate overrides, adjustments, discounts, and rate increases

Supports fixed fees that include expenses

Ability to support both Pricing and LPM functions within a single system

Support for global firms with on-the-fly currency conversion when fee earner does not have a local rate


Create and easily manage full matter scope

Handle most planning scenarios quickly and effectively

Manage both internal and external scope reporting

‘What if’ Analysis


Full ‘what-if’ analysis to enable real-time discussions with partners on the profitability impact of various fee arrangements

Quickly configure and review available KPIs on-screen

Analyze the effect of different discount types as well as fee types

Analyze at any individual or combination of phase levels

Create new models based on what-if scenarios


Provide greater awareness of matter profitability

Immediately and fully understand the impact of alternative fee options

Flexibility to fit almost any planning scenario

Focus on matter profitability, not simply any revenue

Planning Templates


Ability to save plans that incorporate everything: phase, sub-phase, (and n-level phases), as well as country, department, free text, and more

Store fee arrangements as part of the template and include expenses

Can be filtered to specific clients or practice areas

Granular security can be applied to users, groups, and roles


Increase adoption and expedite budget creation through simplification

Significantly accelerate creation time for regularly used plans

Enhanced Notifications


More flexible notifications for ‘budget vs. actual,’ refilling retainers, and other measures, plus management escalations

Ability to monitor hours, amount and percentage values, or any combination as required

Create incremental alerts to track a progressing amount against worked, billed etc.

Control notification types for different users and groups

Alert on both budget and fee arrangement values


Improves visibility into budget-to-actual and management of other areas, including retainers

Partners are provided the latest budget information that can be quickly disseminated to clients

Greater flexibility to meet the needs of different groups

Configurable Dashboards & Monitoring


Dashboard and widget architecture that allows monitoring to be adjusted at the matter level

Create multiple ‘default’ configurations using selected metadata (Matter Type, Fee Type, Client, and more)

Out-of-the-box Client and Matter Summary widgets that can be easily interchanged within the flexible framework of the pages

Ability to update one matter at a time

Individual organization control over system setup and configuration


Partners can self-serve, no more waiting on finance, or carrying out manual calculations

Improve client satisfaction by providing clients with custom reports suiting their needs

Better partner comprehension and adoption by delivering information in formats that work best for them

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