Umbria Profit & Compensation

Understand Matter, Client, and Individual Profit Across the Firm

As firms absorb practice groups, open new offices, and create new compensation programs, profitability will vary across matters. The calculation of cost rates becomes a mission-critical metric. Firms can’t wait for teams of programmers to adjust the methodology nor risk losing institutional knowledge to employee turnover. Umbria enables firms to create multiple models to serve different audiences and adjust within hours rather than months.

The financial planning team needs more sophisticated what-if analysis on dividing the firm’s profit pools. Traditional partner compensation systems are based on revenue and standard profitability. As profitability become variable, firms should refocus to value and reward profit over revenue.


Support multiple cost models for different purposes

View the general ledger through the user interface rather than scripts

Allocate at person, office, department and firm level to securely delegate responsibility to multiple people

Pre-flight check to make sure all data is allocated

Supports partial allocation – avoiding wasted hours


Supports flexible targets at firm, office, department, and person

Calculate profit at work, bill, and collection with flexible targets at firm, department, and individual levels

Drillable multi-dimensional ad-hoc reporting including income statement at all levels

In-memory cube enables leveraging data in Excel, Power BI and other tools

What-if Compensation Analysis

Understand fee-earner performance with actionable 'what-if' calculator

Shows impact of allocating profit pool in aiding in compensation determination

Understand fee earner performance across each role at work, bill, and collect

Flexibility for Rapid Analysis

Analysis in Hours

Changing a firm’s financial methodology is difficult; the systems are complex, slow, and closely tied to institutional knowledge. Umbria allows firms to create multiple models to serve different audiences, and to make adjustments within hours rather than months.


Automated profitability analysis at all levels

Adjust profit methodologies within hours rather than months

Minimize the loss of institutional knowledge from employee turnover

Multiple models allow flexibility in serving different audiences

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