Price Budget & Monitor

Umbria Price Budget & Monitor

Improve client service while sustaining profitability

Accurately price and scope matters using historical data, create and manage budgets, and monitor matter delivery. Even without creating a budget, ensure matters stay within scope and the agreed price. Get the industry’s most sophisticated planning capabilities along with comprehensive pricing and budgeting. Improve client service while ensuring sustainable profitability.

Directly supports pricing teams and lawyers, enabling them to quote a price, accurately scope, perform budget management, and easily monitor matters in progress. Umbria is designed to enable partners to handle the complexity of client fee arrangements throughout the matter lifecycle.

Budget Monitoring and Matter Management

Flexible, role-based dashboards with clear KPIs and graphs

Client focused data — filters based on work date instead of accounting period

Supports matters without a budget

Multi-currency support

Real-time visibility into daily activities helps keep matters within scope

Follow the total budget and spend or forecast at same time

Rate card report communicates impact of discounts

Leverage arrangements to provide better data quality

Drill-downs to time entry narrative enables appropriate decision-making

Arrangements to Make Biller's Notes Actionable

Supports all fee types and appropriate fields per type (collar = bottom, budget, top, etc.)

Complex payment terms

Rules-Based Rate card – parent-child cards

Track any additional discounts, like volume or other bottom of the bill discounts

Outside counsel guidelines

Ability to track at firm, client, matter, and phase level

Track renewal dates for arrangements

Planning & Modeling

Supports 10 ways to approach a budget

Support three types of budgets: total, spend or burn plan, and forecast

Phase level support for custom or pre-existing arrangements

Use and compare multiple planning models

Integrated approval workflow ensures appropriately-planned profitability

Calculate profitability number based on selected fee type

Manage phase, task and activity codes which can be pushed back to Practice Management System

Budget for expenses

Use historical matters to create new models at today’s rates

Communicating with Clients

Automatic generation of engaging, rich reporting for lawyers and clients

Fee earners can quickly address client questions and concerns

Budget to Actual emails alerts on matters and matter family at matter and phase level

Single and digest email formats

Monthly and Weekly performance reports

Dashboard notifications when matters violate a targeted KPI

Configurable exports in Excel and PowerPoint

Out-of-the box reports and easily configurable custom reporting

Manage phase-task-activity templates and sync them to other systems

Manage the Full Matter Lifecycle

From Opportunity to Lessons Learned

Supports lawyers from planning through collection

Arrangements Planning & Modeling Monitoring Communication


Capture complex arrangements and make them actionable

Simplify workflow through renewals of sophisticated rate management and arrangements

Approval workflow for opportunities assures the firm of appropriate planned profitability

Rapid partner adoption of matter monitoring ensures project success and measurable ROI

Empower lawyers to monitor and deliver matters to agreed price through real-time visibility into daily activities

Help eliminate costly write-downs, improving firm profitability by empowering lawyers to manage matters to scope

Provide exceptional client value by giving fee earners the ability to quickly address client questions and concerns

Managing matters to scope improves client retention

Quickly generate client-ready reports

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