Umbria Business Development & Experience

Leverage Firmwide Experience Data for Competitive Advantage

Law firms today are competing for business; they can gain a competitive advantage by more holistically leveraging their data. Traditional methods for experience management leave incomplete siloes of data sitting in Business Development spreadsheets or time and billing systems. Umbria’s enterprise approach unlocks new possibilities: access datasets for pricing, staffing, identifying expertise, matter strategy, and financial planning. More complete data creates a more compelling story for winning new business and helping lawyers create stronger client relationships.

Firm-wide Institutional Knowledge Available at a Keystroke

Experience Data Leveraged for Marketing and Delivery

Bring together important client and matter data from multiple internal sources plus key external sources to create a more comprehensive experience database

Matter Profiling Workflow

Robust workflow capabilities to enable Business Development, Knowledge Management, and lawyers to simplify the process of data collection

Enterprise Search

Intuitive, Google-like search allows users to find matters, clients, lawyers, experts, and staff based on a wide variety of criteria

Expertise Finder

Rich user profiles track skills and expertise of lawyers and staff with weighted scores based on level of experience

Player and Party Profiles

Build complete profiles for clients, prospects, and experts, and more rapidly identify conflicts of interest

Rich Analytics

Instant user-friendly analysis of experience and financial data

Referral Management

Track and correlate referral sources to revenue

Experience Data for All Audiences

Locate and Leverage Experience

Find experts and make effective staffing decisions

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