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Client value used to mean delivering quality matters; today it’s about delivering quality matters at the expected price. Firms need a method to deliver client value while simultaneously ensuring profitability.

Umbria Client Value Management

Firms need to deliver work at the quality and price expected by clients while maintaining profitability. With the increased use of e-billing and 80% of matters affected by alternative fees or Outside Counsel Guidelines, understanding how to scope and price is existentially important. This is a new skill for most lawyers. It’s made more complex by needed data being buried in various spreadsheets and billers’ notes, leaving firms without a single, trustworthy source of data or an ability to accurately report on it. Firms struggle to distinguish between planned discounts and unplanned write-downs.

Umbria unlocks a firm’s data and makes it actionable in multiple formats, via the web, email, or print. Through an integrated process of Sell-Deliver-Leverage-Measure, the Umbria Client Value Management Platform supports lawyers and creates predictable outcomes.

Umbria delivers the most comprehensive and flexible BI platform available. Intuitive, secure, firm-configurable data, dashboards, and visualizations that enable firm personnel to make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability. Its cubes and data warehouse offer the most accurate view of firm performance, enabling firms to understand which individuals, practices, industries, or clients are most profitable.

Accurately price and scope matters using historical data. Create and manage budgets. Monitor matter delivery – even without creating a budget – to ensure it stays within scope and the agreed price. Delivers the industry’s most sophisticated planning capabilities along with comprehensive pricing and budgeting. Improve client service while ensuring sustainable profitability.

Umbria enables firms to manage their pipeline of opportunities and compare it to their resulting revenue. The same good data practices that can help build a winning pitch can also be used for pricing, staffing, locating expertise, matter strategy, and broader financial planning.

Firms have fundamentally shifted from uniform to variable profitability in their matters. This means the calculation of cost rates is a mission-critical metric. Umbria provides the most comprehensive and configurable cost allocation engine for quickly creating multiple models.

Building a document index in most file systems and document management systems (DMS) isn’t simple, especially when contents need to be gathered over time from multiple people on a matter team. Umbria File works with your existing DMS, securely allowing teams to access and index documents as needed.

Umbria Modules – Powerful Alone, Amplified Together

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