Umbria Data-Driven Practice Management

Enterprise software empowering the industry’s new business model

The market has changed. Firms need technology to help them win and retain clients and achieve sustainable profitability. Umbria is here to help.

Umbria’s unique data-first design brings a modern approach to practice management, leveraging a Core Business Data Engine to drive Client-Focused Financial Management, Firm-Focused Financial Management, Matter Delivery, and Business Development.

Stop creating silos of data. Umbria empowers your firm to succeed in the new business model. Move beyond simple dashboards, BI, or MI. End the inefficiency of convoluted back-office and single-purpose systems. Start improving your business now.

Umbria BI, Pricing, Budgeting, & Monitoring

A data-first practice and matter management platform that facilitates LPM and process management

Firms today must deliver quality work and predictable pricing, which requires close monitoring and management of matters. Forget days to prepare reports – professionals need it in real time. Umbria Pricing, Budgeting, & Business Intelligence provides real-time client and matter information, intuitive dashboards, and integrated processes to price, budget, and monitor matters and engagements while ensuring the firm’s profitability. Role-specific functions include BD/marketing, LPM, Pricing, Finance, and HR, as well as the time keepers and fee earners.

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Umbria Profitability, Firm-wide Budgeting, Data Warehouse, and Dashboards

A data-first practice management platform that designed for the new business model

To be successful, firms must properly understand their internal economics. They need systems that incorporate today’s costs, internal and external, and can fully compute profitability in a flexible fashion, with a budgeting capability that incorporates all firm expenses. Umbria Firm-Centric Management delivers real-time BI, MI, and integrated financials for the new business model. Don’t waste time trying to bend legacy systems. Umbria brings a modern experience to firm management.

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Umbria BD

Use data to improve opportunity management and automate proposal generation to win and retain more profitable business.

Umbria BD helps firms quickly and simply generate winning proposals and track opportunities to improve the firm’s business development capability. With integrated opportunity management and automated proposal generation, it enables firms to leverage their vast wealth of data to quickly understand and compete for work.

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Umbria Experience, File

Create Matter Profiles and a robust internal directory, and organize and improve deliverables beyond tedious work product and records files

Tracking matters, engagements, and people improves knowledge management. Umbria Experience makes it easy to profile matters and engagements to analyze business opportunities and expertise. It incorporates a robust firm directory. Learn more.Most professional services are deeply dependent on the organization of information, particularly documents and email. Umbria File allows you to create final records and binders and manage collections of documents and email, including pleadings, witness kits, closing indices, and more. Store documents in your system of choice and bring order to the final deliverables.  

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Empowering the industry to perform

Manage matters and drive profitability with a data-driven matter management platform.

Umbria Data-Driven Practice Management



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