Security at Prosperoware

Data Concerns Handled

Security at Prosperoware is a top concern. We offer data protection measures to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Increased Security with Data Protection Measures

We comply with the latest industry regulations in protecting client data & ensuring data security, both on a product and organizational level

Advanced Data Privacy

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Better Information Governance

Compliance Certification & Regulation

Prosperoware is in the process of obtaining the SOC2 certification in establishing an audited process through which it adheres to monitoring unusual system activities, authorization of system configuration changes, and user access levels all with the end-goal of data security and proper information governance.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Prosperoware has shown commitment to helping its clients understand the rights and obligations presented under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that took effect on May 25, 2018.


We have undertaken security measures to comply with the requirements of GDPR. To know more about Prosperoware’s data compliance, please read our GDRP policy.

Company Security Program

Prosperoware’s security program relies on: organizational security, and data security, for every layer. Our company security program is now getting aligned with the latest industry standards while continuously considering and incorporating the newest industry best practices to ensure data compliance and security.


Prosperoware’s security team, which is led by our Chief Technological Officer (CTO), Sheetal Jain, is responsible for managing and implementing the company’s security program. The focus of the security program is ensuring Client Data Protection, Product Security, Cloud Security, Data Security and Risk Detection, Disaster Recovery, and Data Compliance.

Client Data Protection

The main focus of Prosperoware’s security program is protection of client data from unauthorized users. We have a team that is dedicated in ensuring client data security at all times mitigating any risk of potential data breaches. Our team is constantly exploring new ways of implementing the latest and best practices of data security measures.

Data Encryption in Transit and at Rest

SAML-based SSO (Single Sign on)

Granular App Security Management

Data Retention

Access Control

End-User Education

Disaster Recovery

Cloud Security

Product Related Security Features

Cloud Security

Credibility of the cloud security comes from using cloud service leaders of the industry, namely Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. Prosperoware has made it possible to save data in private subnets of these cloud providers with the goal of further strengthening the data security measures.
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Microsoft Azure


Prosperoware supports the most recent recommended protocols and cipher suites in encrypting all data in transit. Additionally, data is encrypted at rest too. 
We closely monitor the changing cryptographic landscape and provide service upgrades to match the discovered weaknesses all while implementing the latest best practices. We do this for data in transit as well to ensure compatibility for all our clients.  


Data Encryption in Transit

With the right encryption protocols, all the data transmitted between Prosperoware Clients and Prosperoware Products have been securely protected

Data Encryption at Rest

Data at rest is encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256).

Our company uses a combination of storage technologies to ensure client data protection from possible hardware failures mitigating any associated risks. Prosperoware service is reliant upon a leading industry-service provider, offering thus technological and physical protection for all the infrastructure compromising the company’s technological environment.  


Disaster Recovery

With client data stored in multiple locations in the hosting providers’ data centers, Prosperoware further ensures data security and availability. As part of our disaster recovery plan, we have secure-tested backups and procedures in case of a major disaster. Data is backed up on a daily basis with back-ups tested every 14 days to ensure full-fledged data security.

Security Whitepaper

Learn about how Prosperoware handles your data, and how to best utilize Prosperoware security features to improve your data governance.
Read the Security Whitepaper

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