Unify Workspace Provisioning across Your Firm

Unify Workspace Provisioning across Your Firm

Managing workspaces for diverse practice groups can be complex and time-consuming. Milan Provisioning & Management provides an automated, unified approach to creating and maintaining iManage  workspaces, iManage Records Manager matters, client matters, physical records, and SharePoint sites. With Milan, you can automate the creation  of workspaces, update them from an identified data source (such as your finance system), and easily modify their design in bulk. Milan also maintains all changes made in the system of record. Milan not only creates filing locations, but also creates or updates all required metadata and shortcuts to workspaces. In this webinar you’ll learn how to use technology to:

      • Setup and schedule provisioning jobs (Folder Template Editor, Billing to Milan)
      • Create and update workspaces
      • Add engagement/matter owners to matters
      • Re-assign templates
      • Modify existing workspaces in bulk
        Create ad-hoc workspaces using templates

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