Prosperoware Umbria: A New and Improved Financial Matter Management Platform

Prosperoware Umbria: A New and Improved Financial Matter Management Platform
PHILADELPHIA, PA – (February 18, 2022) Prosperoware, a thought-leading enterprise software company for governance and adoption, announces the latest version of its Umbria Financial Matter Management platform. With Umbria, firms can plan, alert, monitor, and report on matters, while delivering them within the scope, time, and expected budget.
80% of legal clients are looking for more transparent and predictable matter budgeting and accurate reporting from their firms. Partners must meet these requirements, creating matter plans that coincide with the budget the client has in mind. They also need to track matter progress and report on it.
These processes are often done manually and lack customization, making it challenging to keep track of and report on matters accurately. Prosperoware Umbria has been designed to enable firms to ensure sustainable matter profitability, stay competitive in the market while winning more business, and foster long-lasting relationships with their clients. 
“Umbria 2022 is a labor of love of the last three and a half years of listening, working closely with clients, and incorporating their feedback into the product,” says Sheetal Jain, CTO & Co-founder of Prosperoware. “Umbria 2022 will enable partners to not only manage their team and work smarter, but also provide faster reports and answers to clients when they have questions.”
Umbria has been revamped to meet firms’ needs with a flexible planning interface, advanced decision support tools, automatic email alerting capabilities, and a widget-based dashboard for reporting on more than 300 out-of-the-box and custom KPIs.
Umbria integrates with Time & Billing and Practice Management Systems to provide an intuitive platform for planning, monitoring, alerting, and reporting on matters. Since every firm plans and delivers matters differently, Umbria offers unparalleled flexibility so firms can make decisions that benefit them and their clients.
“One thing we find firms and clients grappling with is the question of ‘Where am I?’ in the matter planning process.” said Prosperoware CEO and Co-founder, Keith Lipman. “Firms can leverage Umbria to always know where they stand financially on a matter and if any write-downs or adjustments are needed, while clients can keep track of the budget cost.”
Umbria is equipped with four modules that assist with the matter planning process, offering increased flexibility and visibility for both law firms and the clients they serve. Umbria allows firms to plan matters, set up email alerts to stay on top of matter progress, generate reports through customizable dashboards, and leverage decision support tools to ensure the best possible decision is made. Through Umbria, firms can ensure they are delivering accuracy and value to both their internal teams and clients.
Want to enhance your financial matter management solution? Read more about Umbria here.
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