Prosperoware Introduces Prosperoware CAM Newest Addition: Business Continuity for iManage Work and NetDocuments

Prosperoware Introduces Prosperoware CAM Newest Addition: Business Continuity for iManage Work and NetDocuments

Philadelphia, PA – August 16, 2019 – Prosperoware, a thought-leading enterprise and cloud technology company for a digitized legal industry, announces a new major feature for Prosperoware CAM – the ability to provide Business Continuity for iManage and NetDocuments. Prosperoware CAM is a cloud-based system for orchestrating, managing, and governing legal content systems. The new business continuity feature in CAM enables firms to store a copy of their DMS documents in their own AWS cloud instance, with the metadata and security stored in CAM. In case of outage, this feature provides ready access to important and time-sensitive firm and client work product.

The challenge for any organization is to be prepared when an outage happens, whether that outage is related to cybersecurity issues, internal server issues, or cloud systems. Business continuity is a critical element of many cybersecurity law and regulations. Almost all of these regulations require regulated entities to assure their vendors are prepared for business continuity incidents. The impact to law firms with clients in the critical services industries -financial services, energy and health – is that they must prove to their clients that they have a business continuity plan and tested it.

“CAM business continuity feature set works with NetDocuments and iManage in the cloud or on-premises” said Keith Lipman, CEO and Co-founder at Prosperoware. “The new business continuity feature in CAM is a valuable addition to the CAM platform. For on-premises customers, business continuity combined with matter provisioning can be their first step in moving their DMS system to the cloud.”

Some of the key features include:

  • Ability to sync documents metadata and security for iManage server 10.2 and above on premises, NetDocuments and iManage Cloud, to CAM;
  • Single sign-on authentication or independent logins;
  • Profile search and content download in case of an outage;
  • Documents can be downloaded or checked-out during an outage, allowing documents to be checked back-in when systems come back online;
  • For the day-to-day, the service desk has ability to restore prior backed up files.

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