Philadelphia Partner Training Event

Prosperoware is excited to invite you and your team to a partner-only training event for Cloud Migrator and CAM.  This complimentary 1.5 day training program will take place on October 24 – 25th, 2019 in Philadelphia.

This partner training event is designed to increase your understanding of the key features and functionality of both Cloud Migrator and CAM.  During the class, we will address real-world scenarios and challenges associated with DMS cloud migration and management.  We will conduct an actual migration with Cloud Migrator from a sample database and then manage the cloud DMS with CAM.

Note: Lunch will be provided on Thursday with light snacks on Friday

This event is limited to Prosperoware Partners and requires pre-registration.

Use this button to register for the event.

Training Agenda

Moving to the Cloud

  • How to migrate one or more databases to cloud
  • Clean up and custom scripting for special scenarios
  • Troubleshooting and recovering from errors
  • Handling Delta Sync
  • Reconciliation

Automatic Workspace, Folder, User and Group Provisioning

  • Configuration of Data Uploader, iManage, Office 365 or NetDocuments; Template Design; Active Directory Configuration and Sync; Troubleshooting Issues; Best Practices

Analytics and Services Desk

  • Configuration of Initial and Delta Sync; Creating Analytics Queries and Reports; Bulk Actions; Best Practices and Troubleshooting

Business Continuity

  • Configuration: Turning on BC during a crisis; Best Practices and Troubleshooting

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