Prosperoware & ILTA Europe Virtual Roadshow Series​
Microsoft Teams at the Center of Collaboration​
September 2020
Prosperoware & ILTA Europe are delighted to invite you to our September virtual roadshow on Microsoft Teams. The application has become a foundational technology for collaboration, but it is not without its challenges.
Our team here at Prosperoware has been working hard to provide meaningful content and products that empower organizations to overcome these challenges for improved collaboration & productivity.
Join one of our sessions to learn more about how you can leverage Microsoft Teams functionality without compromising your governance.
Microsoft Teams has rapidly become a foundational technology for collaboration & productivity, with organizations deploying it quickly to enable work-from-home options. This rapid adoption has not been without its challenges though. With organizations creating hundreds or even thousands of matters per month, automatic provisioning becomes a necessity. As such, organizations face the challenge of both, provisioning and managing Teams securely, with governance in mind.
To address these challenges, you are invited to join Prosperoware on September 2, at 4 PM BST to discuss best practices on Microsoft Teams provisioning and governance:​
      • Rapidly deploying Teams with a comprehensive governance model​
      • Locating Teams and Channels for Matters​
      • Identifying Teams with Matters​
      • Setting up Teams Ownership​
      • Managing internal and external users​
      • Applying ethical walls, information barriers, and need-to-know security​
      • Complying with Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG) and Privacy Regulations, Laws, & Cybersecurity Frameworks, and more.
The tremendous increase in the adoption of Microsoft Teams has helped organizations maintain collaboration and productivity while working remotely. While many organizations try to address provisioning and governance challenges in Microsoft Teams, they also face the challenge of securely & efficiently moving content from MS Teams to the DMS.
Whether it is organizational policy, client requests for data, or fulfilling Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), organizations need an efficient way to transfer Microsoft Teams content to their DMS. Doing so manually and securely across hundreds or thousands of matters becomes inefficient, making automatic movement a necessity.
To address this challenge, you are invited to join Prosperoware on September 9, at 4 PM BST to discuss challenges and best practices for moving content from Microsoft Teams to the DMS:​
      • Integrating Teams with iManage, NetDocuments and other content systems​
      • Efficiently moving content from Teams to the DMS ​
      • Locating content in Teams for efficient content movement​​
      • Identifying Teams with Matters​​
      • Setting up a Teams structure for successful cross-organization collaboration around matters and documents​
      • Maintaining consistent governance across content in Teams​​
No organization operates as an individual silo, making collaboration with clients, vendors, and suppliers a necessity. As a modern extranet, Microsoft Teams has experienced immense success in facilitating effective collaboration and increased productivity. But its capabilities do not end there. Teams also possesses functionality for secure external collaboration.
You are invited to join Prosperoware on September 17, at 4 PM BST to discuss how Microsoft Teams will win the extranet:​
      • Structuring Teams for successful cross-organization collaboration around matters and documents​​
      • Tracking guest users and external collaborators to projects or matters​
      • Setting up secure access for external parties and guests​
      • Enforcing information barriers to handle sensitive information​​​
      • Securely granting & terminating access for collaborators & guest users, and more.​

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