As firms increasingly move into hybrid work environments, privacy and compliance issues are more critical than ever. Firms need to combat chaos and add context to their data so risk management teams can easily apply security & minimization policies across collaboration systems, like Microsoft 365.
Prosperoware’s enterprise adoption & governance platform, CAM, allows organizations to provision, classify, protect, move, and minimize data across Microsoft 365 (Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, OneNote, Planner, Lists), iManage, NetDocuments, file shares, HighQ, and more to come.
Register for the event & catch the interview by our CEO & Co-founder, Keith Lipman, to get a better idea of how we can help you improve effective adoption & governance, and reduce risks related to privacy & cybersecurity.
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Enterprise Adoption & Governance Platform for Collaboration Systems


CAM for MS Teams

Provision & Govern M365 (Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, OneNote, Planner, & Lists)

Catch the interview of CEO & Co-founder – Keith Lipman
Keith Lipman
CEO & Co-founder
Rapid deployment of technologies in the past year has enhanced collaboration and productivity but also presented new compliance challenges. Without strict governance of these technologies, like Microsoft 365, data becomes chaotic, increasing risk and vulnerability to sophisticated hacks. Join Prosperoware’s CEO & Co-founder, Keith Lipman to get insights on:
Join Prosperoware’s CEO & Co-founder, Keith Lipman to get insights on:
          • Compliance trends and issues for law firms and legal departments
          • How controlling data chaos can improve adoption, governance, & compliance across collaboration systems
          • Compliance challenges that firms could face with deploying Microsoft 365 applications and best practices on how to solve them
Mitigate Data Chaos: Provision & Govern Microsoft 365
Leverage Microsoft 365 capabilities to enhance collaboration, while improving governance. Provision Teams, public & private Channels, Planner, OneNote, and Lists, apply rich custom metadata for context, integrate your DMS and other collaboration systems, move, and minimize data.

Provision, Classify, Protect, Move, & Minimize Data with CAM

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