As organizations move to hybrid work, governance and data protection from sophisticated hacks become more critical than ever. Adapting to the modern world of collaboration requires provisioning, Zero-Trust security, & minimization of data across collaboration systems. ​
Prosperoware’s suite of enterprise products, compatible with the iManage Universal API, tackle these issues.
CAM is a SaaS platform that allows provisioning, classification, protection, movement, and minimization of data for iManage, Microsoft 365 (Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, OneNote, Planner, Lists), file shares, HighQ, and more. PowerDesktop is the hybrid desktop client for CAM & iManage 10.3+, which helps power users move, import, & rearrange data as they see fit.
Our Product Solutions

Governance & Adoption for Collaboration Systems

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CAM for MS Teams

Provision & Govern Microsoft 365

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Move, import, & reorganize data with ease

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Provision & Govern Microsoft 365 & iManage with CAM
CAM enables provisioning of Teams, Channels, SharePoint Sites, OneDrive folders, OneNote, Lists, & Planner tabs, workspaces, folders, & documents with standardized naming conventions & folder templates for Microsoft 365 & iManage.

Learn How to Effectively Design Teams & Channel Structures for Matters​

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