Prosperoware Announces Umbria 2019.1

Prosperoware Announces Umbria 2019.1

Fourth generation, industry-leading platform for Planning, Alerting, Monitoring, Reporting, and Managing Matters is now available on premises and in the cloud!

PHILADELPHIA – June 11, 2019  – Prosperoware, a leading provider of enterprise software for law firms, corporate legal departments, and professional services, today announces early availability of its fourth generation client value management platform – Umbria. This major version release – now available in the cloud – provides unprecedented flexibility to plan, monitor, manage, alert, and report on matters.

Umbria’s planning functionality has been redesigned to support both legal project management (LPM) and pricing functions. Monitoring is now provided through a dashboard architecture that can be configured to meet the needs of both clients and partners, and new flexibility in reporting enables partners to quickly report on and export data to fit their clients’ preferred (and often unique) needs (meaning no more sitting on the couch on Saturdays filling out client data reports!).

Client value has changed over the past decade as corporate General Counsel are now required to manage both internal and external spend to defined budgets. Law firm partners today must not only deliver high quality legal work, but also manage the financial side of client service. This is exceedingly difficult because there are no standard reporting formats and traditional e-billing task codes, which often fail to capture phases of work and other critical financial metrics, do not provide the needed clarity to make informed matter management decisions. Umbria has been designed to address this challenge by providing flexibility that empowers effective financial matter management.

With this latest release, Umbria is now available either on premises or in the cloud. In addition, while firms can still use Umbria across all their matters, they now have the choice to use Umbria with select engagements by importing data for only specific matters. With these enhancements, Umbria can now be deployed in just a few days – out of the box. This new pricing and deployment model substantially lowers the initial investment in the platform, allowing firms to quickly assess its value to the firm and its clients.

Company CEO, Keith Lipman, comments, “Prosperoware is the undisputed technology leader in this space. We’ve got 5+ years of experience co-building Umbria with the world’s most prestigious law firms. As a pioneer in the space, we’ve learned many valuable lessons…often the hard way. We understand what works and, arguably more importantly, what doesn’t when it comes to planning, alerting, monitoring, reporting, and managing matters. Umbria is now a complete solution for law firms to improve the financial-side of client service. These new enhancements, particularly the addition of the new SaaS model option, will further entrench Umbria as the standard client value management solution platform.”

To learn more about the new features in Umbria 2019.1, click here. To see the new features in person, Prosperoware will showcase the latest version of Umbria at the upcoming LMA P3 – The Practice Innovation Conference in Chicago at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile on June 12 – 14.

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