Prosperoware Announces the Release of Cloud Migrator – iManage Edition for Migrating Content from On-Premises to iManage Cloud

Prosperoware Announces the Release of Cloud Migrator – iManage Edition for Migrating Content from On-Premises to iManage Cloud

Efficiently migrate content from on-premises to cloud repositories now with Prosperoware Cloud Migrator

PHILADELPHIA, PA– August 8, 2019  – Prosperoware, a thought leading enterprise and cloud technology company for a digitized legal industry for over a decade and counting, announces the availability of Prosperoware Cloud Migrator – iManage Edition for efficiently migrating content from on-premises legal content systems such as iManage, eDocs, SharePoint Online, file shares, plus others to iManage Cloud.

With a unique approach for moving content and a super-easy to use interface, Cloud Migrator provides the much-needed tool in the legal industry for either small or large migration projects with reduced effort.

Cloud Migrator is built with a multi-thread ETL approach (“Extract, Transform, Load”). The four step process for migrating content to the cloud is (1) load the source database or metadata from a file system into a staging data warehouse; (2) identify and clean-up data problems that prevent migrations; (3) migrate documents to the cloud; and (4) support deltas as changes are made in the source system. A key feature of Cloud Migrator is our synchronization process where the application tracks everything it does. Our unique approach is in handling the real-life of data migration project. Users can run a job, stop it, clean-up data errors and re run the migration process multiple times without worrying about duplicating, corrupting data, or even starting from the beginning.

“Any data migration project is dealing with your data tumbleweeds resulting from years of manual data manipulation” said Sheetal Jain, CTO and Co-Founder, Prosperoware, “Cloud Migrator out-of-the-box handles usual bad data scenarios and provides scripting capability to handle complex scenarios.”

With these built-in capabilities, Cloud Migrator provides the prime solution to some of the typical industry’s concerns and challenges of moving content. Some of the key product elements include:

      • Data synchronization approach based on an ETL architecture to significantly reduce lost time;
      • Simplified and expedited migration: out-of-the-box migration without complicated scripting for iManage Work 8.5 to 10.x databases;
      • Scalable and flexible: the wizard style interface allowing configuration of migration;
      • Instantaneous feedback: easy-to-see progress & counts;
      • Detailed logging to quickly diagnose problems;
      • Built for resilience with job start, stop and restart capabilities;
      • Speed: automatic handling of common errors;
      • Migration flexibility: small databases (migrate at once) and large databases (multiple, complex migrations) including delta support.

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