Umbria Price, Budget, & Monitor

Umbria Price, Budget, & Monitor provides direct support for pricing teams and lawyers enabling them to accurately and quickly plan, scope and monitor matters in progress. It improves client satisfaction by providing flexible alerting and engaging client-ready reports to ensure proactive management of budgets.


Planning provides unparalleled flexibility in a single interface to enable pricing and legal project management teams to have real-time discussions with partners on scoping/pricing. Pricing can rapidly assess impact on profitability of various fee arrangements.


Monitoring provides a configurable dashboard to allow the delivery teams to track progress on their matters, including budget v. actual. The configuration options allow each matter to be customized to fit the needs of the client or fee arrangement.


Email alerting and notification warns users and provides status update when thresholds have been reached. These alerts can be forwarded to a client as a status update or bring focus internally when the matter may be going wrong.


Many clients, even those with e-billing systems, require that the partner responsible for the matter provides reports on a regular basis. The requirements and format of these reports vary widely. Configurable reporting fulfils these needs.



Single-page unified interface

Support for scenario mapping across all phases

Hierarchical planning with the ability to create and support at phase, sub phase, and n-level phases

Provides different enforcement rules for phase start & end date

Supports top-down and bottom-up planning

Complete rate card support with rules and rate card hierarchy

Ability to adjust for year-over-year rate and costs increases

End user selection of KPIs and other columns

Multiple ‘What-If’ Analyses for fixed fees and discounts

Locks critical phase-level KPIs with the ability to modify resources during matter progression

Flexible planning templates with filter by task code set and other metadata

Support for different arrangement types and multiple plans for matters

Ability to configure plan reports that meet firm or client’s needs and export them in PDF and Excel

Budget creation for grouping of matters


Flexibility to fit any planning scenario

Ease of use through a single-page interface

Template customization to fit user’s needs

Enhanced understanding of alternative fee options

Rapid budget creation based on product flexibility

Effortless portfolio management through matter grouping



Configurable dashboard and widget architecture allowing monitoring adjustment even down to an individual matter level

Drill-down and drill-out support permitting a 360 view of the matter

Flexible design supporting a multitude of page designs

Wide range of data visualizations supported, including line, bar, donut, KPIs, etc.

Support for over 200 different KPIs

Out-of-the-box support for a variety of pages that include reporting by month and by phase-task code, among others

Flexibility in configuring your own widgets and pages

Role-based security model preventing associates and others from accessing sensitive KPIs

Ability to monitor multiple plans at once allowing creation and usage of sub-budgets without impacting the original budget


Improved client satisfaction as fee earners can quickly address client questions and concerns

Partners can self-serve – no more waiting on finance.

Critical KPIs are immediately available – no more manual calculation in Excel

Regular monitoring reduces the risk of write-down and can improve matter profitability

Improved time entry hygiene with visibility into time entry detail throughout the month



Flexibility in configuration to fit the needs of each matter

Ability to send scheduled alerts on the matter status

Support for monitoring different values

Alerting enabled through both, email and user interface

Alert triggers across different people and matter roles

Customization of notifications for a single matter, or across multiple matters


Improved visibility into budget-to-actual and other metrics provide for enhanced matter management

Enables partners to proactively manage retainers, allowing them to send a timely invoice to refill or replenish the retainer

Greater flexibility meeting the needs of different groups within the firm

Ensures partners are provided up-to-date budget information that can be rapidly disseminated to clients



Flexible, configurable data exports, including pivot reporting

Configurable report templates to support charts and other visualizations

New totals, periods, and KPIs can be configured in the template

Ability to export reports for plan, actual and budget v. actual (Excel and PDF)

Export of visual widgets or dashboards in PDF or PNG


Custom reporting to suit clients’ needs

Time-efficient method to create flexible reports

Less effort expended in Umbria report template preparation compared to generic reporting solutions like SQL Reporting Services

Diminished risk of data leakage (profitability info) due to template classification

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