Prosperoware & ILTA Europe Virtual Roadshow Series​
Microsoft Teams at the Center of Collaboration​
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Thank you for your interest in our exclusive webinar series.
Organized in cooperation with International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), this Microsoft Teams Virtual Roadshow Series was designed to provide thought-leadership and educational content to organizations that are planning to or have already deployed Microsoft Teams.
The focus of this webinar series is to provide best practices that enable organizations to better manage & govern Microsoft Teams. And while the topics cover challenges, possibilities & lessons learned, this discussion brings important elements to consider when utilizing Microsoft Teams as the collaboration platform.
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The rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams has facilitated the need to think of provisioning and managing Teams securely, with governance in mind. This session discusses how organizations can:
      • Quickly deploy Teams with a comprehensive governance model​
      • Identify and locate Teams & Channels for Matters
      • Automatically provision Teams, Channels, etc. OneDrive, OneNote, and Planner
      • Manage internal & external users and collaborators​
      • Apply ethical walls, information barriers, and need-to-know security​, and more.​
Whether it is organizational policy, client requests for data, or fulfilling Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), organizations need an efficient way to transfer Microsoft Teams content to their DMS. This session discusses how organizations can:
      • Integrate Teams with iManage, NetDocuments and other content systems​
      • Locate content in Teams for secure and efficient content movement​​​
      • Set up a Teams structure for successful cross-organization collaboration around matters and documents​, and more.
No organization operates as an individual silo, making collaboration with clients, vendors, and suppliers a necessity. As a modern extranet, Microsoft Teams has experienced immense success in facilitating effective collaboration and increased productivity. Teams also possesses functionality for secure external collaboration.
This session shares insights as to how organizations can:
      • Track guest users and external collaborators to projects or matters​​​
      • Best practices for structuring Teams with governance in mind
      • Enforce information barriers to handle sensitive information​​​
      • Securely grant & terminate access for collaborators & guest users, and more.​

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