Milan Workspace Provisioning & Management

 Automatically provision workspaces at matter opening or manually create through a wizard

Automate workspace generation, updates, and management, enable administrators to create workspaces, automatically update them from defined data feeds, and readily perform bulk design changes and updates.

Workspace Provisioning & Management

Milan provides a unified approach to creating and maintaining iManage workspaces, IRM physical records, and SharePoint sites. Milan creates filing locations, creates and updates all metadata, and updates existing workspace shortcuts. Firms can examine and modify workspaces, create scripts and templates, and manage and update data in bulk.


Its modern architecture readily scales to manage the largest provisioning requirements and can run multiple, parallel processes. Its central queue enables administrators to monitor all activity, quickly searching for and reviewing and/or re-running jobs. Unlike other approaches which require administrators to work through complex interfaces, Milan Provisioning leverages straight-forward provisioning logic, reviewable via SQL scripts.


Updates engagement names and metadata changes as well as existing workspace shortcuts

Leverages SQL for all provisioning activities for easy maintenance

Scales to any size using parallel processing

Find and delete empty files and folders and add and delete folders to workspaces in bulk

Creates scripts and manages templates from existing workspaces created by other vendors’ products

Validates metadata entries in a single process

Associates engagement owners or engagement managers with every workspace

Adds team members automatically based on activities/hours billed and creates workspace shortcuts for new users

Provision workspace shortcuts for personal assistants as well as billing professionals when new members are added to workspaces and/or engagement teams

Includes template editor and out of the box scripts for Elite Enterprise and 3E, Aderant Expert, Rippe & Kingston, and other common platforms

Workspace Wizard

Empower end-users to create workspaces limited to firm policy

Often, iManage workspace creation is automated as part of a firm’s matter intake process. However, not all departments have a structured method for automation.


For these organizations, Milan Workspace Wizard provides a simple interface for professionals to securely create new workspaces within predefined client numbers or records. Milan can also generate new matter numbers or unique identifiers for each new workspace. And each new workspace can be controlled through other Milan modules.


Defines workspace templates in a web-based editor as part of Milan Workspace Management

Creates workspaces from specific predefined templates

Controls the creation of client numbers and file plans

Automatically assigns and applies metadata and appropriate security

Enable ad hoc workspace creation through an administrative wizard

Moves documents into workspaces and folders

Folder Management

Applies flexible records standards to files to improve collaboration on engagements

Folder management is complex.  Even as downward fee pressure is requiring law firms to become more efficient, many still avoid adopting electronic workflows. Traditional workspace design is front-loaded, forcing practice groups to create an optimum structure upfront. This slow process usually produces flawed results.


Milan Folder Management uses on-demand foldering. This allows law firms to reduce their upfront time and quickly make adjustments as lawyers begin mapping out their workspace structures. This approach starts at matter opening with a simple, common core – working drafts, correspondence, and matter administration – that can be added onto as standards, practices, and adoption of the electronic matter file evolves.


Applies records standards to electronic files

Simplifies the process of creating root-level folders compared to the native process

Enables firms to create policies for how folder names are used for different types of workspaces, including engagements, practice areas, departments, and personal content

Controls the depth of the folder tree to prevent overly complex folder hierarchies

Allows professionals to create, delete, and edit folders in iManage against firm and practice-area standards

Provides a web-based template editor that allows administrators to set rules for creating folders

Prevents professionals from accidentally deleting folders containing content

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