Milan Service Desk

Multi-level Distributed Administration

Service desk enables iManage administrators to securely distribute management throughout the support team, including limiting access to highly sensitive workspaces (e.g. HR, management, compensation, etc.) Functionality ranges across documents, workspaces, users, and groups.

Service Desk

Alleviate bottlenecks by distributing iManage administrative functions to Milan service desks

Dedicated iManage admins often become overburdened, interrupting the flow of work. Some firms address this by creating an overabundance of iManage superusers, which can create a liability issue.


Milan Service Desk for iManage resolves these issues by distributing a subset of iManage administrative functions to service desks. This enables the team to perform administrative functions without requiring full admin access. Functions can be distributed to service desks at a granular level, empowering both internal and outsourced service desks to give better service and avoid nighttime escalations


Delegate specific functions to service desks, local office support, records management, and other groups that require some administrative functions in iManage

Controls whether professionals can see descriptions of private documents, folders, or workspaces

Triggers prompt to justify actions and maintain audit trails

Prevents service desks from violating legal holds when used in combination with Milan Legal Hold

Preserves security and ethical walls / information barriers when used in conjunction with Confidentiality Manager

Milan Service Desk for iManage can be integrated with other ethical wall and information barrier products

Better workspace management

Empower searching for documents and workspaces through metadata and full text (documents only) to then select documents, workspaces, and folders for operation

Remote check-in of files left checked-out on Citrix or on desktops to recover changes from the last point of save

Ability to undeclare documents and send links for documents

Ability to delete workspaces, delete folders, and send links

Renders ethical wall and engagement team groups read-only to prevent working around security

Enabling users to take action based on search criteria

Enables document unlock/remote check-in, view security, edit security, edit profile, view profile, where used, move documents in a database, and view history

View security on workspace and folders, edit security (optionally update security of documents), edit profile, view profile, create folder, add to My Matters

Rich user and group administration for creating new users, importing LDAP/AD users, enabling and disabling users, viewing checked-out documents for a user, and performing group administration, role administration, metadata administration, and role administration

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Read more about Milan Service Desk from our product datasheet.

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