Admin Move & Archive

Quickly move and copy documents

Milan Admin Move & Archive provides a set of tools to move or copy documents. It manages day-to-day archiving needs, such as the regular archiving of closed engagements to conform to retention policies.


Works as needed: on-demand, scheduled, or as a manual process

Moves content, documents, folders, and workspaces between iManage libraries

Accommodates on-demand, scheduled, and bulk move operations

Copies security and metadata of documents, workspaces, and folders

Moves document history

Supports moving workspaces, My Folders, and Other Folders

Natively supports incremental updates with a push of a button

Secure document management is an integral part of every business – large or small. Take the worry out of workspace and database management system updates and bulk data processing. Milan Admin Move & Archive is a versatile product that integrates with existing systems to provide users with a number of administrative and document management functions while maintaining a secure work environment.

Desktop Move & Copy

Move and copy documents and folders without IT intervention


In typical deployments of iManage, folder structures can become unwieldy or blocked off entirely. When someone creates a folder structure, they’re generally the only one who can change or manipulate it. If they leave the firm or the specific engagement, the rest of the team might be left with only read/write access.


When professionals file documents from a search as a native drag-and-drop, they inadvertently create a second reference instead of removing the original source location. This means the document is in two locations – possibly even across matters – without a method to show where the document belongs.  


Milan Desktop Move & Copy increases productivity by removing restrictions on moving documents and folders. It allows legal professionals the ability to perform these actions against documents and folders without IT support, increasing productivity and reducing the burden on IT.


Allows professionals to move folders as necessary even when they aren’t the original owner

Refiles content automatically and appropriately when folders are moved

Permits professionals to move or copy a document or a group of documents to another location with a simple right-click

Removes references to a document or group of documents from any other folder under workspaces

Allows move actions to be applied to both My Folder & Other Folders and folders under workspaces

All operations are audited in Milan and iManage

When paired with Milan Admin Move & Archive, Milan Desktop Move & Copy allows document and folder moves across databases

NRL Handler

Automatically open documents from their new locations or request access to them


Professionals send links to content in iManage, documents are appended with .NRL extensions. This also happens when documents are moved between databases as a result of a consolidation or merger.


When professionals are sent NRLs to documents to which they do not have access, they receive errors that force them to contact the senders to either ask them to change security on the documents (if permitted), or just send them the documents. This type of impediment interrupts document management systems.


Milan NRL Handler solves both of these challenges when used in conjunction with Milan Admin Move & Archive and Milan Self-Service. When documents are moved, Milan NRL Handler opens the documents from their new locations. When used with Milan Self-Service, Milan NRL Handler presents dialog boxes to professionals who do not have access with the option to request access.


When used with Milan Admin Move & Archive, Milan NRL Handler automatically redirects links to their new locations.

When paired with Milan Self-Service, Milan NRL Handler prompts professionals to request access from appropriate individuals, automatically grants access, or denies access based on the policies associated with the documents

Want to learn more about Milan Move & Archive

Read more about Milan Move & Archive from our product datasheet.

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