Matter File Transfer In

Move content as work continues

Matter File Import

Typically, importing large amounts of content from lateral hires is a time-consuming process, requiring IT intervention, and tying up the user’s computer. Milan simplifies the process and allows work to continue uninterrupted.

Server-side Import

Convert documents from a legacy document management system, such as DocsOpen, LegalKey, and Accutrac

Write SQL queries to map the metadata, security, and folder structure in the existing system to WorkSite and import as a whole

Horizontally scalable so imports happen as fast as the underlying infrastructure allows

Desktop Import

End-users can import documents and entire folder structures at once with a single click

Documents import based on the firm’s underlying folder structure

Import entire folder structures without IT intervention or stopping work

Excel Import

Map documents or entire folder structures to workspaces in WorkSite and assign the necessary metadata

Folder profile data automatically applies from the target WorkSite folder to documents listed in the CSV file

Administrators can assign document profile metadata in bulk to a selection of documents or change document names in Excel

Email header information (such as to, from, cc, and date sent) is extracted and stored

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Read more about Milan Matter File Transfer In from our product datasheet.

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