Milan Matter File Transfer

Transfer files and easily move content into and out of iManage

Law firms do not own all of the content and must be prepared to transfer client-owned files when copies are requested or when clients transfer engagements to other parties. Unfortunately, iManage was not designed for such complex imports and exports – and only superusers can perform the task, limiting the ability of risk teams and records departments.

Milan Matter File Transfer enables firms to perform bulk imports and exports and incorporates intelligent workflow that incorporates appropriate information governance policies, such as internal review. Even better, it enables transfers to be completed by the appropriate business departments, without requiring administrator / superuser access rights. 

Privileged, firm-owned data can be excluded from file transfer exports automatically – including internal email – when used with Milan Email Processor. Exports and imports can be performed in the background, at the server, to avoid impacting end-users. Milan automatically notifies users via email and includes links to the files when jobs have completed.

Product Features

  • Transfer entire workspaces or specific document and email sets by simply selecting them
  • Create transfer jobs through metadata-based queries
  • Exclude documents or folders based on metadata or specific selections
  • Content can be imported or exported to file shares in folders or as zip files
  • Contents can be named via subject and/or document numbers
  • Option to maintain existing workspace folder structures
  • Automatically removes ‘illegal’ Windows characters from file names
  • When paired with Milan Email Processor, can automatically determine whether email is internal or external and parses accordingly for review

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