Milan Legal Hold

Automate legal holds while minimizing risk of compromised information in iManage

Legal holds are quickly becoming a high-priority issue in light of stiff penalties related to evidence spoliation. To be effective, a legal hold requires law firms to identify all content related to subject matter of the hold, prevent its destruction, and notify users to request acknowledgement of ongoing holds. To minimize liability, organizations must have a standard approach to applying legal holds across the enterprise.

Milan Legal Hold executes legal holds in iManage through automated processes. Administrators can create legal holds by searching using metadata or full text. The legal hold can be for a fixed period or ongoing. The documents and email under the hold are held in place by declaring the documents and email as records in iManage and capturing and maintaining a list of documents for which the hold is applicable. The declare-record feature in iManage prevents professionals from editing the contents of documents or email.

To create legal holds, Milan Legal Hold identifies document custodians from authors and operators of documents and, if desired, notifies them of the hold and requests acknowledgement. For ongoing holds, Milan Legal Hold declares new content as records on a scheduled basis (e.g., once a week). If further review is required, it also allows documents to be exported. If the legal hold is terminated, the documents can be returned to their original states if desired.

Product Features

  • Satisfies the three primary requirements of the legal hold process: hold notification, prevention of document spoliation (e.g., delete or change), and ongoing preservation
  • Automates notifications and acknowledgements
  • Allows holds to be created through searches
  • Enables holds to be held in place by declaring documents as records
  • Tracks original states so administrators can return documents to their original states when holds terminate
  • Litigation holds are respected by other products in the Milan platform, including Milan Recycle Bin and Milan Service Desk for iManage

Milan Legal Hold