Milan Confidentiality Management

Secure confidential information and enhance productivity

Automate Confidentiality Management and simplify Ethical Walls

Under increasing pressure from clients and regulators to change their approach to information security, law firms are moving away from the open access model to a need-to-know model. The urgency has been heightened by the Panama Papers breach. As firms move to secure content, they need a modern system designed specifically to accommodate today’s dynamic team structures – one that enhances workflow, not frustrates professionals.

Milan Confidentiality Management is a full-featured solution for securing confidential information and establishing information barriers and ethical walls without compromising productivity. It compartmentalizes data and teams and supports a full range of policy types, from strict need-to-know access to traditional inclusionary and exclusionary walls, plus policy types for lateral hires, contractors, ITAR, data privacy, price sensitivity, trade secrets, and conflicts of interest.

Milan ensures that neither professionals nor the IT teams themselves violate firms’ risk management policies. It provides a common user experience whether compartmentalizing all matters or setting only specific information barriers and walls. By delivering a familiar and intuitive interface, Milan helps firms benefit from lower support costs, higher user adoption rates, and fewer frustrated professionals.

Secures multiple systems, including iManage, NetDocuments, eDocs, SharePoint, Elite Enterprise and 3E, Aderant Expert, Tikit Carpe Diem, Intapp Time / DTE, Windows File Shares, LegalKey, and numerous others, including practically ANY SQL-based system.

Product Features

  • Empowers the Risk team to create policies, define which systems are secured by them, and delegate access authority
  • Provides a two-stage review feature that adds another layer of protection to prevent incorrect policy application
  • Features user-friendly interfaces for granting, denying, and requesting permissions for access
  • Generates reports that sort information governance policies by user/group, client/engagement, or type of policy
  • Supports a full array of notifications and acknowledgements

Milan Confidentiality Management