Milan Confidentiality Management

Need to Know Security and Confidentiality at Scale

Secure Content and Simplify Ethical Walls

Client mandates and regulatory changes are forcing firms to change from open access to need to know security models. Milan IG offers the only modern, scalable, multi-platform solution designed to meet the needs of firms today.

Milan Confidentiality Management enables need-to-know access as well as traditional ethical walls and information barriers. It offloads the burden from IT and Risk teams and empowers end-users through its unique self-service features, helping firms mitigate risk, reduce support costs, drive adoption, and work more productively.

Secures iManage, NetDocuments, eDocs, SharePoint, Elite Enterprise and 3E, Aderant Expert, Tikit Carpe Diem, Intapp Time / DTE, Windows File Shares, LegalKey, and practically ANY other structured system.

Empower the Risk Team

Create policies, define what’s secured, delegate access authority


Multi-stage review

Prevent incorrect policy application

User-friendly interface

Role-based design for use by Risk, Lawyers, and others.


Reporting, Auditing, and Notifications

Flexible client reporting and automated notifications and alerts


Flexible Security

Flexible and dynamic security, not limited to matter-level only

Milan Confidentiality Management


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