Milan Advanced Analytics

Quickly generate and schedule activity reports for iManage and take action

Monitor activity in iManage to protect the firm from inappropriate behavior. Milan Advanced Analytics makes it easy. Reports can be ad hoc or scheduled and are secured. With appropriate permissions, professionals can view the contents of documents.

Heads of Risk don’t normally want to alert personnel when they conduct investigations. With native iManage tools, this is problematic. Milan solves this problem, allowing general counsel to investigate without tipping off subjects of the investigation.

Product Features

  • Out-of-the-box queries for monitoring inappropriate activity
  • Complex reporting of iManage and Milan activity
  • No need for direct access to Milan or iManage databases
  • Reports via drag-and-drop query builder or SQL commands
  • Report on any data in iManage and Milan, including document history
  • Enables scheduled notifications via email
  • All reports secured to appropriate individuals
  • Preview documents without appearing in the iManage history table
  • Used in conjunction with Milan Service Desk for iManage or Milan Workspace Management, professionals can take actions against the documents

Milan Advanced Analytics