Milan Advanced Analytics

Quickly generate and schedule activity reports for iManage and take action

Risk managers, administrators, and other legal professionals need to stringently monitor activities occurring in iManage. This is especially important when legal professionals are leaving firms or when firms themselves want to analyze corporate data, such as who is touching what sensitive content and what content is being exported. The ability for administrators to quickly generate complex reports – whether based on document history or other information – is critical to information governance for law firms and professional service organizations.  

Using a simpler alternative to SQL reporting, Milan Advanced Analytics makes it easy for administrators to create scheduled reports against iManage and Milan databases, including the iManage history and Milan audit tables. These reports, which can be configured to simply run on a scheduled basis or to prompt for search criteria for on-demand reporting, are securable for control over who can execute them. With appropriate permissions, professionals can view the contents of documents. All reports can be scheduled to be run recurrently and the results emailed to appropriate individuals.

When firms are required to conduct investigations, general counsel or risk managers typically do not want the inquiries to be known to those being investigated. With FileSite or DeskSite, this can be problematic because an entry is posted in the history table every time someone views a document. Milan Advanced Analytics solves this problem by only writing an audit entry in the Milan database for each document view. Thus, general counsel can investigate without tipping off subjects of the investigation.

Product Features

  • Provides out-of-the-box queries for monitoring inappropriate activity
  • Enables complex reporting of iManage and Milan activities
  • Frees professionals from needing read access to Milan or iManage databases
  • Constructs reports through a drag-and-drop query builder or through writing SQL
  • Creates reports against any data in iManage and Milan, including document history
  • Enables scheduled notifications via email
  • Allows administrators to create desired reports through SQL queries
  • Secures all reports to appropriate individuals
  • With permissions, previews the contents of documents with the viewing activity hidden from the iManage history
  • Used in conjunction with Milan Service Desk for iManage or Milan Workspace Management, professionals can take actions against the documents

Milan Advanced Analytics