Milan InfoGov

An information governance platform for professional services firms

Secure and Lock-down Client Data, Simplify Confidentiality Management and Ethical Walls

Firms have an ethical obligation to protect client data. Milan InfoGov is a multi-platform system capable of integrating with, streamlining, and securing numerous systems including iManage, eDocs, NetDocuments, Windows File Shares, Elite, Aderant, LegalKey, IntApp Time, Microsoft SharePoint, and almost any other system used by today’s firms.

Milan Confidentiality Management
Compartmentalize and secure confidential information, automate ethical walls and information barriers, and simplify administration with self-service capabilities

Milan Matter File Transfer
Simplify the transfer of matter files into and out of the firm using integrated workflow with auto email parsing, file review, and approval processes

Milan Advanced Analytics
Catch inappropriate activity, conduct investigations, and report on file activity

Milan Legal Hold
Automate the litigation hold process

Milan InfoGov – Beyond Walls

Compartmentalize Your Assets, Meet Client and Regulatory Demands

Protect without hurting productivity

Compartmentalize your data to limit exposure and reduce risk

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Milan InfoGov



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