Milan Admin Move, Archive & Consolidate

Quickly move or copy documents and consolidate libraries

The need to move, copy, and consolidate content across databases occurs for a multitude of reasons, ranging from simply moving documents to consolidating multiple databases. Some of these operations are relatively simple and others are quite complex – but they all need to occur within a limited service window with existing folder structures preserved. Law firms typically have purchased different products for various scales of operation.

Milan Admin Move Archive & Consolidate provides a set of tools to move or copy documents and consolidate libraries. For day-to-day archiving, it can be integrated within time and billing or records management systems to perform regular archiving of closed engagements to conform to retention policies. When database consolidations are needed, the program can consolidate 1 million documents in about an hour under the right conditions.

Product Features

  • Moves content, documents, folders, and workspaces between iManage libraries and consolidates libraries
  • Accommodates on-demand, scheduled, and bulk move operations
  • Triggers on-demand and scheduled processing manually, performs on a scheduled basis, or processes in the time and billing system or in a custom workflow
  • Provides multiple options for consolidating databases or archiving large quantities of content to address different requirements relating to size, type, and location of data repositories
  • Copies security and metadata of documents, workspaces, and folders
  • Moves document history
  • Supports moving workspaces, My Folders, and Other Folders
  • Natively supports incremental updates with a push of a button

Secure document management is an integral part of every business – large or small. Take the worry out of workspace and database management system updates and bulk data processing. Milan Admin Move Archive & Consolidate is a versatile product that integrates with existing systems to provide users with a number of administrative and document management functions while maintaining a secure work environment.


Milan Admin Move, Archive & Consolidate