Manage & Govern Content

Manage & Govern Content

Improve Content Management Systems

Firms need to manage volumes of client data across multiple cloud content platforms. Prosperoware helps simplify matter provisioning, security, business continuity, governance, and lifecycle management of content across multiple platforms – on premises and in the cloud.

Streamline Management of Content Systems

Drive Adoption, Simplify Administration, and Reduce TCO Across Content Systems

With the proliferation of content across DMS, deal rooms, eDiscovery, SharePoint, Windows File Shares, and elsewhere, firms need a better way to properly manage and maintain consistency across platforms, both on-premises and in the cloud. We can help.

The Leading Platform for NetDocuments and iManage Now Supports Even More

Let us help simplify the complexity

Cross-platform solutions are now a necessity

With the proliferation of on premises and cloud-based systems, firms today struggle with managing content. Partners moving between firms bring large volumes of content that needs to be imported or exported to systems. Deal rooms, extranets, eDiscovery and collaboration platforms, and other systems complicate the challenge of ensuring consistent security. The cost and administrative burden of provisioning, securing, or transferring content can quickly overwhelm IT teams. Firms need a simpler way to manage it all. What should they be looking for?

Ability to support systems whether on-premises or in the cloud

A system that can simplify administration, drive adoption, and improve user experience

Support for iManage, NetDocuments, SharePoint, HighQ, Kira, Office 365, Workshare, and other industry platforms

A system that enables them to run analytics on the content

Business continuity for the cloud, in the cloud

Cost allocation / chargeback

Better, Scalable Provisioning

Firms need a painless, unified, and scalable approach to creating and maintaining matters, tracking physical records, and managing SharePoint sites. This includes common tasks such as creating filing locations, updating metadata, and fixing workspace and document shortcuts. Cumbersome tasks such as modifying workspaces and templates or updating data in bulk should be automated. Practice groups will want to manage foldering, but firms need a system that enables them to put structure around that, to enable tasks such on-demand foldering so that lawyers and other professionals don’t have to predict perfect structures up front. Things to look for include:

Ability to automatically assign and apply metadata and security across multiple systems

Support for multiple systems - whether on premises or in the cloud

Automated team member management based on activities/hours billed

Policy-based controls to enable professionals to create, delete, and edit folders in line with firm and practice group standards

Agility to Respond to Change

Managing matters often means dealing with new and changing information, shifting client needs, evolving staffing, security changes, and more. Firms need a way to efficiently import volumes of data brought to the firm by lateral hires or delivered by clients – or export matter files as needed. With so many systems holding pieces of matter content, a unified approach to managing matter data also becomes crucial. Solutions need to support:

Automated name changes and updates

Matter file transfers - to move content in and out, easily handling lawyers leaving or joining the firm

Dynamic security updates

Transferring documents, folders, or full workspaces with corresponding metadata and security

Simplified Matter Closing & Deprovisioning

Firms have an ethical and legal duty to return or dispose of client data at the conclusion of a matter. This is where having a process and system for archiving and migration is important. Proper data governance is critical to a firm’s operation. What should firms be looking for?

An easy way to track content location

Robust retention reporting to track activity dates and guidelines for full retention and deletion

An automated system to transfer closed/decommissioned matter workspaces to other locations

A controlled, streamlined complete file deletion capability

Create a Data Culture that Drives Competitive Advantage


The big data revolution that’s rewriting the rules of business is only beginning to change the legal industry. This means firms have a new opportunity to create competitive advantage through data-driven decisions. Integrating people, process, and technology makes a cultural transition feel inevitable and intuitive through a supported change.

Everything Needed to Ensure Secure, Accessible Data

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