Protect Client Data and Streamline Information Governance Processes

Automate Ethical Walls, Information Barriers, and Confidentiality Management

The new reality: Firms will be hacked and data will be breached. Threats are both external and, unfortunately, internal. To limit exposure and reduce risk, firms need to compartmentalize their data – limit access to client and matter data to only those working on the matter; this is “need to know” security and it’s been the standard in the defense industry for years.

Legacy ethical wall platforms weren’t designed for today’s complex environments and don’t deliver the InfoGov workflow processes needed by law firms today; they neither scale nor enable the compartmentalization of data demanded by clients, mandated by regulations, and highlighted by litigation.

Milan InfoGov delivers the most comprehensive, multi-platform system for securing confidential client data across the entire firm. Unlike other ethical wall solutions, our software improves your end-users’ experience and simplifies administration. Because we are platform-indepedent, we integrate and provide support for almost every system, including iManage, NetDocuments, eDocs, SharePoint, Windows File Shares, Elite, Aderant, IntApp Time, and LegalKey.

Confidentiality Management, Ethical Walls, and Information Barriers

To satisfy regulatory and client requirements, firms need to either prevent a user from accessing a matter (exclusion) or keep a matter, or part of a matter, confidential. When information is made confidential, however, it can have serious impact on operational workflow. Prosperoware offers a full-featured solution for securing confidential information and establishing ethical walls and information barriers without compromising productivity. Our solution supports a full range of standard inclusionary and exclusionary ethical walls as well as a number of dynamic policy types.

Analytics and Data Leakage Prevention

With ever-increasing risk of data breaches – and many of those breaches a result of user behavior – firms must monitor their system for inappropriate activities.

Legal Hold

When potential litigation arises, the firm needs to identify the appropriate content, prevent its destruction, and, optionally, notify the participants.

Matter File Transfer

A matter file transfer occurs when a client requests a copy of their file or when the client moves an existing engagement between firms. This is common with on-boarding and off-boarding of lateral hires. Documents need to be imported to or exported from the firm.

Adoption of Electronic File

Without users filing content in the appropriate location, all other processes are less effective. Successfully getting users to appropriately file documents results in lower cost to manage the information and more effective collaboration.


Automate how long information should be stored before it is either deleted, returned to the client, or moved to cheaper storage.


When issues arise, the risk manager or general counsel needs the ability to investigate what is occurring. Many times, this needs to occur without notifying the individuals involved.

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