Journey to the Cloud for Firms Using iManage

Prosperoware provides future-proof solutions to help your firm get to the cloud!

Step 2

Enable Business Continuity with CAM


      • Enables firms to have a cloud-based business continuity solution;
      • Securely stores documents in the firm’s AWS S3 account;
      • Users access through one-time password (OTP);
      • Search for documents through profile searches and download documents.

Step 4

Enable Firms to Make Bulk Changes to their Cloud DMS Implementation with CAM


      • Restores the ability to run SQL queries against DMS metadata, security and audit;
      • Bulk updates to document and workspace metadata and security.

Step 1

Get Ready for the Cloud with Workspace Generation and Management with the iManage Universal API (10.2+ Server or iManage cloud) through CAM


      • CAM provides for the orchestration of matter provisioning and updates;
      • Provides for rich templates and sophisticated on-demand folders;
      • Supports provisioning from either on-premises or cloud-based systems.

Step 3

Migrate to the iManage Cloud with Cloud Migrator


      • Leverage a staging database to allow easy database clean-up;
      • Synchronization architecture enables for easy migrations;
      • Deep error reporting enables error fixing;
      • Support for deltas.

Step 5

Extend CAM for Privacy & Regulatory Compliance to Multiple Systems


      • Privacy by Design;
      • Data Maps;
      • Need-to-Know Security;
      • Subject Access Requests;
      • Assurance;
      • Data Minimization.

CAM Supported Systems

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