iManage Add-Ons

Increase User Adoption and Improve Administration

Prosperoware provides a range of add-ons to increase the adoption and improve administration of your investment in Microsoft SharePoint and iManage. Our products are designed to fit all operations, from small departmental deployments to large enterprise.

Milan iManage Add-Ons

Improve and simplify the iManage user and admin experience.

Ascera for SharePoint 

Integrate iManage and SharePoint with two technologies.

Zone Platform

Easily access and act on iManage email and documents from anywhere.

iManage Health Check App

Get a free detailed system report today

  • Ensure optimal system configuration
  • Be alerted to security mismatches and inconsistencies
  • Recognize utilization and adoption issues
  • Locate unused and underused workspaces & folders
  • Identify email and document filing errors

Amplify Your iManage Platform

Increase user adoption and improve administration

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