Hanson Bridgett selects confidentiality manager

Hanson Bridgett Selects Confidentiality Manager

Hanson Bridgett Automates Walls and Improves Workflow With Confidentiality Manager

Hanson Bridgett LLP is a California law firm with more than 150 attorneys and offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, North Bay, and East Bay. The firm’s Chief Information Officer, Christopher Fryer, is based in the San Francisco office and has led the firm’s IT Department for over 15 years. Chris owns all technology decisions for Hanson Bridgett, leads a team of 14 technologists, and has overseen multiple large project implementations during his tenure.

Hanson Bridgett has always maintained an ‘optimistic’ (open) security model for its DMS. For over 10 years, IT had been the group responsible for creating, on an ad hoc basis, and managing the firm’s 250+ ethical walls. In 2016, a new General Counsel expressed interest in investing in technology to deploy and manage the firm’s ethical walls, under the purview of the Risk Team rather than IT.

Confidentiality Without Unnecessary Layers of Admin 

When the General Counsel pushed for a technologyenabled solution, Chris was eager to build a perfect process that would replace IT’s custom, time-intensive work with an automated process that offered more granular control and could shift the governance of the process to Risk.

“Risk was the more appropriate team to administer ethical walls as they own the conflicts process and are, therefore, more engaged on a consistent basis,” Chris notes, and adds:

“Prosperoware provided everything the firm needed to deploy and manage ethical walls in iManage without requiring an extra layer of administration as is required by another solution. We concluded that the Prosperoware platform would be easier to administer. Also, based on experience, we found Prosperoware’s support team to be superior.”

Simple implementation, Simple Administration

Prosperoware Confidentiality Manager was ultimately selected by the firm to deploy and manage ethical walls. “The difficulty in any law firm or business is not whether you can bring a technology into an organization, but whether you can you run it.” Chris says.

“In the case of Confidentiality Manager, once we went through the initial setup, IT literally did not have to do anything.”

The technical side of implementing Confidentiality Manager was straightforward. To address the cultural changes, the firm took a top-down approach. General Counsel issued a memo explaining the new technology-based procedure for ethical walls and stating that it was a core attorney responsibility at the firm.

Superlative Support 

Chris concludes:

“We’ve had Confidentiality Manager in place for about 2.5 years now, and Prosperoware’s support of the product is superlative. We stay aware of market developments and other vendor options and remain committed to CM. I would simply rather have this solution with Prosperoware because support is excellent and they’re a great technology partner.”

Today, when a conflict is identified at the firm, General Counsel writes a memo and, rather than relying on IT to administer an ethical wall, per the firm’s current process, the Risk Team applies the appropriate wall using Confidentiality Manager and it generates an automated email informing recipients if, when, and from what they are walled off. Affected personnel are then able to acknowledge the wall and the system creates an appropriate audit trail.

“Ultimately, with Confidentiality Manager in place, we’ve streamlined workflow with an automated technology solution that enables us to shift responsibility to Risk and empowers them to control and have authority over conflicts and walls as required. Overall, this has been a big benefit to the firm.”

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