DLA Piper Case Study

DLA Piper Case Study

DLA Piper

A full service, global law firm with 4,000-plus lawyers in offices throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas


      • Too many staff on the service desk required NRTAdmin access to do their jobs properly
      • Clients had concerns that access wasn’t on a “need-to-know” basis
      • Many service requests from business users had to be escalated to the second line of support



Replacing NRTAdmin with Milan Help Desk, which granularly distributes administrative capabilities for iManage WorkSite through web-based services.


      • Reduced Risk
      • Improved client compliance
      • Higher call resolution
      • Reduced to escalate issues


DLA Piper reduces risk, ensures compliance, and improves service levels with Milan Help Desk

DLA Piper became one of the largest business law firms in the world in 2005 through a merger of unprecedented scope in the legal sector. In spite of its size and global reach, DLA Piper takes pride in its local roots, continuing to take great care to maintain genuine knowledge of local as well as international considerations.

Prosperoware recently spoke with Mubashir Mian, Lead System Specialist for the document management team based out of the UK that serves Europe, the Middle East, and AsiaPac. Mubashir’s primary focus is on the firm’s iManage WorkSite suite of products, and he recently deployed Milan Help Desk from Prosperoware.

“We were one of the first customers to get onto WorkSite 8,” says Mubashir. “And we saw a few bottlenecks early on, the biggest headache being how NRTAdmin was administered, which allows users to see everything in WorkSite—like a Domain Admin of the DMS. We had to proliferate NRTAdmin just to make sure that people could do their jobs, regardless of access required. This created problems on multiple fronts.”

Why NRTAdmin was problematic

The basic problem: NRTAdmin handed over the “keys to the kingdom” with insufficient audit trails. Too many accidents—such as deleting files or workspaces—were happening and, with few audit trails, Mubashir’s team couldn’t tell who actioned the delete or the reason behind the action.

NRTAdmin also created complications in meeting client compliance demands and was raised as an issue during a number of client audits. For example, some clients showed concern that NRTAdmin access
wasn’t on a “need to know” basis, which typically limits access to the
matter team. In addition, some DLA Piper jurisdictions were uncomfortable that staff in business support functions could see sensitive data.

Service levels were impacted

Support services for the firm’s many stakeholders were also impacted. DLA Piper maintains centralized IT support services in the UK for all its far-flung operations. Like many service desks, DLA Piper has a larger first-line contingent (25) and a smaller second line of service desk employees (6). Only the second line was granted NRTAdmin access. This meant that even simple requests from business users, such as asking for access to a specific document or workspace, had to be escalated to the second line.

“Needless to say,” said Mubashir, “service delivery wasn’t optimal.”

Prosperoware fits the bill

Prosperoware’s solution, Milan Help Desk, was the “ideal platform for us.” What sold Mubashir and his team on Milan was the granularity of tasks they could assign to different users, which meant that they could delegate specific permissions to as many or as few as they wanted. “When we saw what Milan Help Desk could do, it made us understand how well Prosperoware understood the WorkSite security model—and its limitations.”

With Milan, everyone on the first line of the service desk can help handle the simple business user requests that were previously escalated to the second line. Milan Help Desk also streamlines requests for re-filing, which the service desk got all the time when matter teams added or removed members.

“To apply WorkSite security to a matter, it has to be propagated to the document level,” Mubashir points out. “A simple request to add a team member to a matter, which could contain 5-10,000 documents, can lock up the NRTAdmin user’s machine for two to three hours.” Today, anyone on the first or second line can re-file with Milan, which now happens as a back-end, scheduled process that doesn’t tie up the desktop.

“The export capability is another brilliant feature of Milan Help Desk,” said Mubashir. “It makes it really easy to transfer files when people join or leave the firm.”

Training? A demo suffices

“Milan is browser based and very intuitive and the landing page is simply laid out,” said Mubashir. “Training has not been an issue. We find that since the service desk user is familiar with WorkSite, a 15-20 minute demo suffices.”

“This is a big win for us.”

Now, with Milan, Mubashir reports, call resolution is higher and the need to escalate issues from the first to the second line has diminished considerably, freeing them up for other tasks. In addition, the bottlenecks for exports have been eliminated. “One of the bonuses of Milan’s granularity is that it satisfies our need to delegate specific tasks. For example, Milan allowed us to give the IT Risk team permission to do its own exports, which eliminated the need for custom software we had installed to do this single task. Plus, the process is very simple: they punch the numbers in and schedule for export.”

Scalability isn’t an issue with Prosperoware. When demands for exports took up a lot of Milan’s provisioning service, a second provisioning service was commissioned. Today the two run side by side.

Soon, no more NRTAdmins

Mubashir’s primary goal is to be able to remove all NRTAdmin access from WorkSite, a goal he expects to achieve with Milan 3.0’s expanded edit security and re-file options, which he and his team helped to drive.

“With 3.0, the full feature set of NRTAdmin is now available in Milan,” says Mubashir. “Our plan is to remove NRTAdmin access and uninstall iManage DBADMIN at the same time.” (Mubashir’s concern is that if you have DBADMIN installed, you can add yourself as a NRTAdmin!)

Next steps? “We see the rest of the Milan feature set as icing on the cake. As time permits, we intend to investigate the ability to move data between databases and to get a better focus on ethical walls and superuser functionality on the business side.”

Stay tuned.

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