iManage EOL: Cornerstone.IT & Prosperoware Guide You Through

ILTA Master Class Recap: Cornerstone.IT & Prosperoware Guide You Through iManage EOL 
9 May 2022 · 5 min read
iManage, a leader in advanced Artificial Intelligence and powerful document and email management, recently announced the end of life (EOL) for DeskSite, Filesite, and IDOL Indexer. This move will end support for its core legacy products after December 2023. With the introduction of iManage Work 10, iManage will retire all 9.x versions of its classic clients and add-ons, including: 
  • iManage DeskSite 
  • iManage FileSite 
  • iManage OffSite 
  • Email management for Outlook and the Outlook Module 
  • iManage Express Search 
  • iManage Miner 
  • iManage DealBinder Add-On
So, what does this mean for your firm? It means big changes are on the horizon, and firms will need to leverage available technology to meet these changes head on.
That’s why we at Prosperoware, part of the Litera family, along with our incredible partner community are here to help guide your firm to iManage Work 10 or the iManage Cloud.  
Recently we joined our partner, Cornerstone.IT, for an exclusive ILTA Master Class session delving into what firms need to know about iManage EOL and how they can prepare. 
Curious about what this change means for your firm? Read on to learn more! 
Where Do We Go From Here? 
The iManage EOL doesn’t mean that iManage is disappearing. It simply means we have to say goodbye to the older versions. This means that iManage can and should still be a part of your organization’s daily processes moving forward.  
However, some things will certainly change. 
Firms will have the option of upgrading to iManage Work 10 on-prem, or move to the iManage Cloud which runs with the Work 10 client.  
iManage 10 will offer improved security, responsiveness, and the ability to view and edit matters, documents, and projects form anywhere, along with much more. In the long run, firms will reap the benefits. In the meantime, this move will put many firms in a position to change the way they’ve been doing things for quite some time as they lose these classic clients. 
If your firm plans to stay on-prem, you will need to plan your upgrade to the Work 10 Server to fully leverage the Work 10 Client. This will include your DMS, communications platforms, and a newly added Preview Server. Any third-party apps your firm utilizes will need to be updated, and you will also need to confirm whether they are compatible with Work 10.  
Why Move to the Cloud? 
Moving to the Cloud is the simplest way to handle this transition. When migrating to the iManage Cloud, the Work 10 Server components and the Cloud Search Service will be part of the process as well.  
This transition also carries with it numerous benefits to both your teams and organization at large, as a Cloud-based environment is more conducive for a modern hybrid workforce. For instance, your IT Teams won’t be bogged down by as many administrator tasks, allowing them to work on higher value tasks​ 
The iManage Cloud also offers boosted security and improved scalability to your DMS and other collaboration platforms. Not only that, but your data is much safer in the Cloud as it is secured by iManage and their perpetual updates. And of course, the Cloud is proven to be more cost-effective than on-premises solutions in the long run.
Want to Learn More? 
If our blog thus far has piqued your interest or made you think about your iManage EOL readiness, consider signing up for Cornerstone.IT’s ILTA Product Briefing.  
During the session we’ll cover the topics above, as well as: 

  • How to plan and build a roadmap for Cloud migration 
  • Provisioning and workspace generation strategies 
  • Data cleansing 
  • Helpful tools for go-live and maintenance

And much more…

We’ll also show how our CAM solution can make this process simpler, while also ensuring efficient and secure collaboration
Register today, to save your spot for a session you don’t want to miss! 
About our Partner, Cornerstone.IT 
Cornerstone Information Technologies, LLC (Cornerstone.IT) is an award-winning Professional IT services and Managed Services Provider. A national leader in legal technology, founded in 2003, Cornerstone.IT helps firms modernize their IT with an emphasis on reducing costs, decreasing risks, and staying productive. Cornerstone.IT is compliant with and maintains strict adherence to the NIST 800 171 standards. To learn more visit our website or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.  

Want to see CAM in action?

Want to see CAM in action?


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