Confidentiality Manager

Secure Client Data Without Interrupting Workflow

Confidentiality Manager enables firms to implement ‘need-to-know’ security and ethical walls without impacting workflow. Robust self-service, industry-leading notifications and acknowledgements, and multi-system design make it the best choice for firms concerned about meeting client security, regulatory, and ethical obligations across all systems where sensitive information is stored.

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive, Multi-Platform Solution for Need-to-Know Security and Walls

Firms continue to implement need-to-know or pessimistic security to protect clients and themselves

Clients are demanding it and industry regulators are requiring it, but the process of switching from an ‘open access’ model may not be easy for firms.

Without the right software, proper security places a heavy burden on IT, Risk, and lawyers; matter teams fear they won’t be able to access the information they need, when they need it. Prosperoware solves the challenge.

Confidentiality Manager Makes Data Security Practical

Offload the burden from IT and Risk teams

Offload the burden from IT and Risk teams, empower end-users through unique self-service features, mitigate risk, reduce support costs, drive adoption, and work more productively. Confidentiality Manager is designed for flexible and dynamic security – not just at the matter level. It can encircle clients, teams, matters, folders, or even individual files.

The General Counsel or Head of Risk Management

The General Counsel or Head of Risk Management can create policies and define which systems are controlled by them. Owners identify team members, manage folder structures, and keep sensitive information confidential.

Compatible Systems

Confidentiality Manager secures a long list of industry systems

Built for use with: iManage, NetDocuments, eDocs, SharePoint, Elite Enterprise and 3E, Aderant Expert, Tikit Carpe Diem, Intapp Time / DTE, Windows File Shares, LegalKey, and practically ANY other structured system


  • Delegate access authority according to firm risk policy
  • Multi-stage review prevents incorrect policy application
  • Intuitive, role-based interface designed to be used by the Risk Team, Partners, and IT
  • Flexible reporting, auditing, and automated notifications and alerts
  • Works seamlessly with native systems, secures all content repositories

Want to learn more about Confidentiality Manager?

Read more about Confidentiality Manager from our product brochure.
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