Need-to-Know Security

Enhanced Data Security

Firms are under the pressure from cybersecurity risk, regulators, and client demands to secure non-public data and limit access to those who need to know. Unlike ethical walls and information barriers which are dictated by the conflicts or risk process of new matter intake, access levels such as need-to-know are typically determined by the lawyer who ‘owns’ or is responsible for a matter. For inclusionary walls, the conflicts team determines who can have access, whereas in need-to-know security, the partner, or delegate can make that decision. As matter content is stored across multiple systems, managing access becomes more complex; best practice dictates that end users have the ability to request and grant access to matters or individual documents as appropriate. Service desks should be able to support the process.

Determine the Needed Security Level Access for Workspace & Matter Content

Ability to apply different levels of access to workspaces and matter content for the firm, department, specialty group, client, or matter team

Different levels of approval for access requests

Prevents ethical wall violations when granting access

Support for access expiration

Ability to grant or request access to matters and documents for users and service desk

Ability to distribute administration of groups such as department or specialty to designated end users

Leverages groups to avoid refiling

Approval via email reply

Greater Data Compliance Adherence

Reduced risk of unintentional or even unknown data exposure

Improved data security assessment while adhering to the industry-set standard for data compliance


Ability to enable pessimistic matter security with minimal impact to the firm

Improved and clear process for handling client security requests

Reduced risk of data exposure from cyber breach

Easier tracking of inappropriate user behaviour

Enhanced data security and privacy

Compliance with industry regulations and client demands

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