Back-up Important Cloud Content in the Cloud

Even though moving to the cloud translates into enhanced reliability, firms still continue to focus on disaster recovery and business continuity. Having client data protected with a second, synchronized layer of data – including here metadata – makes the difference when it comes to data recovery. With mirroring, firms are able to not only have a protected second copy, but also one that makes the content end-user searchable and accessible. CAM, as such, enables firms to backup important cloud content along with its associated metadata, directly in the cloud.

Leading Cloud Platform Security

Cloud-based content & metadata copy built on Amazon’s world class AWS platform

Analytics filtering for content searchability

Access to protected content for end-users via intuitive search

Transfer of pertinent metadata, security, data history, and content

Data manipulation as needed

Obtain a Live Cloud Copy for Enhanced Security and Business Continuity

Protect your data in the cloud with a second, synchronized layer of cloud content – with its metadata

Intuitive, end-user search ability allowed in the copied content greatly reducing data-handling risks


Reduced risk as security, confidentiality, and ethical walls are protected

Ability to run complex queries and reports

Protection of access to content in the event of a primary provider outage

Easy access to protected content for end-users via intuitive search

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