Matter Provisioning & Updating Across Systems

With matters dispersed through various systems, provisioning across them all becomes problematic.  Adding to the challenge is the need for matters to be updated simultaneously  across these existing supported systems. Some of the examples demonstrating the drive for such updates include:


      1. Wrong matter or client name
      2. Client number changes
      3. Matters created in the wrong location
      4. Wrong practice area, responsible lawyer, billing lawyer, etc: or even
      5. File structure changes – adding or deleting folders or updating document metadata.


How do you manage to carry out these changes successfully while moving to the cloud?


CAM tackles that by offering an improved workflow and enhanced security by enabling a consistent and process-driven method for matter provisioning across all systems from a single, centralized orchestrating platform.

Automated Matter Provisioning

Automated provisioning from time & billing, matter or practice management, HRIS, or any system of record

Workspace creation via intuitive templates

Automatic generation of unique matter numbers for ad hoc matter creation

Matter name templates to standardize naming for different practice groups

DMS – provisioning of new matters with predefined templates

DMS – create folders on demand from templates with added prefix and suffix or custom name

DMS – apply automatic template changes to workspaces

Consistent Security Across All Repositories

Double the security measures, both at a workspace and matter level

Ability to set and update matter and workspace security effortlessly

Granular support across multiple systems

Increased security through access restriction to metadata and associated matters

Seamless Matter Provisioning Across Systems

A consistent, standardized, process-driven method for matter provisioning across all systems

Simplified, cost-effective management of matter provisioning which drives improved user adoption


Improved provisioning across all systems from a single, centralized platform

Enhanced searchability through multiple, different templates, with a click of a button

Support agile document management design and adoption

Rapid, controlled creation of workspaces and matters

Greater control over workspace access

Rapid updates to workspaces with less time and effort expended

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