Master Data Management

Know where your data is stored at all times with CAM

The legal industry has increased the use and variety of legal content systems in order to handle all the produced data on a daily basis. This has led to an amplified need for managing data more effectively. The current limited ability to readily identify the exact location of a firm’s data represents only one part of the data management issue. Beyond that, with data stored across multiple systems, the lack of communication of systems’ data has resulted in significant limitations of reporting capabilities across systems. It further becomes a challenge when moving content between systems when data is misaligned, or even inconsistent, across them. However, that does not have to be the case with CAM — as it enables a unified platform where all your stored data is synchronized for enhanced data management, data transfer, and reporting abilities, among other system-provided advantages.

Manage All Your Data from a Single Platform

Map, import, & synchronize data across HighQ, iManage, NetDocuments, Kira, and more

Unified directory of matters with locations of content

Update metadata security across all utilized legal content systems with only a few clicks of a button

Unified & synchronized metadata management across disparate cloud providers

Track & search current and upcoming transferred data from one platform

Automated Bulk Data Transfer

Bulk movement of documents, folders, and entire matters with associated metadata & security

Large volume of data movement between & within repositories

No additional IT resources needed for data transfers

Rapid, simple data transfer between & within repositories

Scheduled and on-demand bulk data transfers

Centralized Data Management

Single, comprehensive dictionary of metadata within one core platform

No more inconsistent or misaligned metadata. Manage all your data effortlessly with CAM.


Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (“TCO”) as data can be easier managed across multiple systems from a single, unified interface

Enhanced security posture as content is consistently managed and tracked

Rapid bulk data transfers at reduced cost with less effort

Ability to access all relevant metadata, matter, and workspace information at the click of a button

Effortless individual and bulk security and metadata update requiring fewer IT resources

Expedited IT service and maintenance response times

Improved data security as data is easier tracked and managed across multiple providers

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