Data Minimization

Solve Your Firm’s Data Handling Issues

The growing importance for firms today to have well-defined policies and procedures to carry out retention and destruction aligns with the latest data governance needs. With privacy laws in place imposing significant penalties for holding non-public data for too long, it is no wonder that managing a multitude of systems for data handling becomes both, costly and risky. That does not have to be the case with CAM.

CAM enables firms to apply retention and deprovisioning policies based on set criteria that are actioned through an approval workflow. Our platform utilizes a service which runs continuously to locate content eligible for migration (to another system), export (to return to the client), or deletion in accordance with defined disposition schedules, in the end triggering the workflow.

Retention and Deprovision According to Your Set Schedule

Policy creation with retention from start or end of matter, or based on activity trigger

Approval for scheduled retention and deprovisio

Matter-specific policies based on criteria such as matter type or client

Notifications of retention and deprovision events

Ability to move, delete, or export content

Apply Retention Policies per Your Firm’s Defined Criteria

Reduce your firm’s costs by eliminating old, unnecessary data

With a platform that continuously tracks data & eligible content, applying retention and deprovision policies has never been easier


Decreases firm liability risk related to holding content for too long or for too short

Cost-effective approach for handling deprovisioning

Reduces risk as content is easily tracked in order to be moved, deleted, or exported accordingly

Increases compliance to pertinent data regulations

Improves client services due to clear application of retention policies based on clients’ requirements

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