CAM ContentMover

CAM ContentMover

Migrating Content Can Be Challenging

Migrating content to the cloud is challenging. ContentMover is designed for the specific needs of the legal industry to help firms move their data securely and seamlessly to the cloud.


DMS migration projects are complex, even if the move is from a single provider’s on-premises product to their hosted environment. The initial export is performed locally – then the data must be shipped to the cloud provider’s team for import in the hosted environment. Meanwhile, any changes in the existing, live environment must be tracked, recorded, and applied to the new environment. This transition should be seamless for end-users and performed without data loss.

Export, Transfer, and Capture Everything

ContentMover simplifies migrating data among disparate systems

ContentMover simplifies migrating data among disparate systems. It’s designed for iManage, NetDocuments, Windows File Shares, and other industry-specific platforms to capture and transfer key metadata including client and matter names, doc IDs, author, operator, and more, while preserving document, folder, and matter security settings.


ContentMover uses differential synchronization – meaning every change or “delta” is tracked during a migration project, so it can be seamlessly applied to the new, hosted platform.

Simplify Moves

  • Export
  • Capture Changes
  • Include Metadata

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