Analytics & Mirroring


Without Direct Access to Metadata or SQL, Reporting is Severely Limited

Cloud may simplify infrastructure, but it comes at a price. Reporting, advanced analytics, and complex queries are limited to each providers’ specific offering or capability, and SQL manipulation is impossible – without CAM.


  • Comprehensive Analytics & Reporting

  • SQL Translator for Bulk Updates/Changes
  • Regain Control of Data


A Live Cloud Copy of Your Cloud Content for DR/BCP

Maintain a live, mirrored cloud copy of document metadata and content without the need for onsite servers or storage. Metadata can be leveraged for reporting and analytics. Content remains accessible in the event of content-provider outages.

Benefits of a Mirrored Copy

  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity 

  • Preserves Metadata 

  • Fully Searchable 

  • End-User Accessible 

  • Doesn’t Require On-Site Server 

Why Mirror Content?

On-site backup is inferior

Of course, enterprise class storage comes with an enterprise class price tag. Bringing a second copy of data in-house requires capital investment in hardware and only offers a collection of files – no metadata and no end-user access.

Storing it in another cloud service avoids that. Cloud services simplify infrastructure and storage management, but it comes at a price. Reporting,advanced analytics, and complex queries are limited to each provider’s specific offering or capability. Firms still need rich reporting and analytics to support information governance, cybersecurity, and total quality management programs.

Reduce Risk and Gain Usability

CAM Mirroring, built on Amazon’s world-class AWS S3 and Glacier platforms, offers a full, mirrored, cloud based copy of your content – and its metadata. This means you can make better use of it. It’s securely accessible and downloadable by end-users via intuitive search. Individuals can be authorized to run complex queries and advanced analytics and export rich reports. CAM lets you leverage the full value of your data for actionable business intelligence.

Want to learn more about CAM?

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