Analytics & Bulk Updates

Get a deeper understanding of your firm’s data

The need for analytics and rich reporting is present throughout organizations which need this information to support information governance, cybersecurity, and total quality management goals. Up to date, many firms want the familiarity of SQL access to query alongside the ability make bulk updates to data. Moving or being in the cloud could simplify at some extent the infrastructure, but it also limits the ability to carry out data manipulation. Reporting, advanced analytics, and complex queries become limited to each provider’s specific offering or capability – that is the case without CAM. Our orchestration platform provides you the necessary tools to better understand your data and analyze it subsequently all in one place.

Actionable Analytics

Quick filtering, sorting, and modification of data

Centralized reporting of user and document activity across multiple systems

Real-time reporting on processed data

Data warehouse of matters and documents for metadata, security, and audits

Quick answers to data-related questions

Automated Queries

SQL interface to enable custom queries for enhanced reporting

Audit of all updates and changes with the ability to 'undo'

Ability to create secure parameterized queries to allow non-technical users to perform bulk updates/changes

Platform-Supported Analytics Security Alerting

On-demand or scheduled e-mail alerting for any changes made to metadata, workspace security, or other relevant user information

Receive the most up-to-date e-mail alerts on any tracked or needed security changes

Detect all matter & workspace access for each pertinent user

Bulk updates of metadata and security

Leverage Full Value of Data for Actionable Analytics and Reporting


Make best use of all your firm’s data

Analyze and share your data quickly with an intuitive interface and shareable reports


Centralized reporting of user and document activity across multiple systems

Adoption analytics to support Lean Six Sigma and other total quality management programs

Ability to detect inappropriate activity across multiple systems

Real-time reporting on processed data

Data-related questions answered without extra technical resources

Time-efficient bulk updates across systems

Intuitive platform for both technical and non-technical users

Security risk-reduction through appropriate platform-supported alerting mechanism

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